October 2016 eBookBetty Author Community

Hello to the eBookBetty author community!

Okay, I’m just going to come out and say it — I’m a nerd. This is absolutely my favorite month! The fall weather that’s perfect nearly every day… the pies, coffees, hot chocolate, <insert just about any sweet food or drink here!>… but most of all (need I even state the obvious??) Halloween! This is definitely my happy time!

Now I know I usually try and offer some pearl of wisdom in these monthly letters, lend some guidance based on the stats and trends we see from our end, but I’m no dummy (no comments from those who know me personally, please lol). I know the real reason you read these messages is because we offer something free every month.

And this month is a doozy. A double-whammy. Be sure you read this entire email for details.

Last month we offered free listings for a week to scifi authors and those listings filled up in just 4 hours! It went so fast, some of our authors in far-away countries expressed it didn’t give them ample time to respond– and they’re right. So this time, in the spirit of fairness, we’re not responding to any free submissions for at least twenty-four hours.

Sunday evening through Monday is when you’ll hear back from us.

This time around the free week will go from November 7th thru the 13th. The genre? Romance. (not erotic… we’ll do that another month. It has to be straight romance). Authors, we have a very, very active romance community. Not everyone will get a spot. Please don’t take it as a reflection of your work if you are not selected. See below for details.

Free Listings
In the spirit of our first author newsletter, we will continue to choose a random genre each month and offer a week-long block of listings in that genre for free. If you have a book you’d like to submit, please do so quickly. Our free offers go extremely fast.

free ebooks
November 7th through November 13th, all Romance listings are free

Limited quantities. Only 2 Daily Picks, 2 New Release, and 1 Daily Underdog max per day. All regular requirements apply – see http://ebookbetty.com/authors for details.

Don’t write Romance but have a friend who does?
Please, forward this email on to them!


Please read carefully:
Free listings dates are only between Nov 7 and Nov 13 2016. You can submit for one of those listings any time between now and Nov 25th. These spots will fill quickly, be sure to submit as soon as you’re able. If your spot is full, we will send notification. To receive a free listing, your book must fit solidly within the romance genre. eBookBetty reserves the right to decline any listing for any reason. When submitting, include the words ‘FREE LISTING’ in the ‘Additional Information’ box at the bottom of the form. For better chances of acceptance,be sure to specify the entire date range your book can be listed. We will only accept one listing per author.

So here’s the “Double” part of this month’s Double Whammy
Like, Share, & Comment
Our gain is your gain. More subscribers to our newsletter means more sales for you. More likes on our Facebook page means the same.

So from now until 10/31, 2016, no matter which genre you write, if you go to our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SciFiFantasyFREAK (yes, we began as scififantasyfreak–I told you I’m a nerd) you’ll see a post pinned to the top of the page that looks like this:

If you do these three things, we’ll give you a free listing no matter what genre you write:
-LIKE the post
-SHARE the post to your page
-Add a super-flattering COMMENT about how amazing we are when you share it. Be sure to tell them to join our list!

After that, submit your listing at http://ebookbetty.com/authors with “FACEBOOK FREEBIE” in the bottom “Additional comments” box. We’ll check to be sure you’ve made good on the deal (Liked, Shared, and Commented) and your listing will be no charge–no strings attached.

All regular listing requirements apply – see http://ebookbetty.com/authors for details.
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