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Hello authors!

I hope this email finds you all well and warm. Here in Kentucky the cold of winter has finally set in. We’ve been lucky with the weather so far this year, so it’s hard to complain too much… but I’m still complaining a little 🙂 I am definitely a warm-weather girl. Give me a glass of wine, a good book, and the beach any day.

For the past two months we’ve been funneling some heavy advertising dollars into the site, working hard to build our (your) subscriber list. We intend to continue adding new segments to our ad campaigns as budget allows. Those of you who’ve advertised recently, I hope you’ve noticed the increase in results. I am confident that trend will continue.

Right now, we accept an average of 72% of all submissions. Some tips to better your chance for submission acceptance:

  • Unless there is only one date your book will be discounted, be sure to fill in all three dates on the submission form
  • If your dates are flexible past the three dates you’ve entered, please add a comment in the ‘Additional Information’ box
  • Pricing. This is a big one, and can be a touchy subject. Your book is certainly worth whatever price you’ve decided to charge. But remember, on a site like eBookBetty the visitors and subscribers here are looking for bargains. We try to provide that for them, and pricing does play a large factor in our decision-making for acceptance
  • Clarity of description / length of description. We’ve declined some books simply because we can’t get a solid understanding of what the book is about, even after reading the synopsis you’ve provided. Remember, shorter is better. Our subscribers are scrolling through a list. Make your book stand out in as few words as possible. Don’t try and encompass the entire novel in your description–make the reader want to know more, entice them to click that link to your Amazon product page

Blog interviews:
Probably worth mentioning. We’ve had quite a few requests to do blog interviews, and the answer is always yes. If you’re looking for content for your blog, you can email me directly and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Free Listings
In the spirit of our first author newsletter, we will continue to choose a random genre each month and offer a week-long block of listings in that genre for free. If you have a book you’d like to submit, please do so quickly. Our free offers go extremely fast.

free ebooks
December 5th through December 11th, all Young Adult listings are free

Limited quantities. Only 2 Daily Picks, 2 New Release, and 1 Daily Underdog max per day. All regular requirements apply – see for details.

Don’t write YA but have a friend who does?
Please, forward this email on to them!


Please read carefully:
Free listings dates are only between Dec 5 and Dec 11 2016. You can submit for one of those listings any time between now and Nov 28th. These spots will fill quickly, be sure to submit as soon as you’re able. If your spot is full, we will send notification. To receive a free listing, your book must fit solidly within the young adult genre. eBookBetty reserves the right to decline any listing for any reason. When submitting, include the words ‘FREE LISTING’ in the ‘Additional Information’ box at the bottom of the form. For better chances of acceptance,be sure to specify the entire date range your book can be listed. We will only accept one listing per author.

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