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Hello to the eBookBetty author community!

We’ve recently realized that we’re coming up on our two-year anniversary soon, and of course as is usually the case when a milestone sneaks up on you, you begin looking back on all that has occurred in that time, all you’ve accomplished.

A lot has happened since we began as ‘scififantasyfreak.com‘ — a lot of changes, a lot of growth. What began as a pet project has morphed into something bigger, something we’re very proud of today.

What we realized most of all is that we could never have achieved all this without you, the authors who use and support our service, and we know that it will continue to be true for as long as we provide it.

And so, as a thank-you, we’ve decided to begin this newsletter on a regular basis. It won’t usually contain so much yammmering as this one already does (sorry! I’m a writer too! Occupational hazard…) But what it will contain is a selected genre and a week-long set of dates where–until the listings for that genre are full–we will provide at zero cost. That’s our ongoing thank-you to you.

free ebooks
August 1st through August 7th, all Horror listings are free

Limited quantities. Only 2 Daily Picks, 2 New Release, and 1 Daily Underdog max per day. All regular requirements apply – see http://ebookbetty.com/authors for details.

Don’t write horror but have a friend who does?
Please, forward this email on to them!


Please read carefully:
Free listings dates are only between Aug 1 and Aug 7 2016. You can submit for one of those listings any time between now and Jul 25th. These spots will fill quickly, be sure to submit as soon as you’re able. If your spot is full, we will send notification. To receive a free listing, your book must fit solidly within the horror genre. eBookBetty reserves the right to decline any listing for any reason. When submitting, include the words ‘FREE LISTING’ in the ‘Additional Information’ box at the bottom of the form. For better chances of acceptance,be sure to specify the entire date range your book can be listed. We will only accept one listing per author.

How Else Can I Receive a Free Listing?
We’re glad you asked, because as we see it; our growth is your gain, and in more ways than one. When our subscriber count grows, you see more sales. And when you help us grow, it doesn’t cost you anything to list with us!

Referrals — Send us Your Friends!
Do you have friends (or fans!) who like to read? ‘Course you do.
Convince 5 friends to sign up for our service and we’ll throw you a free daily pick or new release listing so long as we confirm they’ve become new members in the past 30 days. Remember: it’s double opt-in so you can’t just enter their email address for them. They’ll have to confirm they’re legit before they actually become a member so be sure they’re the ones signing up! In your submission, include the email addresses of the 5 friends who signed up in the ‘Additional Information’ box. We’ll confirm the sign-ups and as long as the listing date is available (and your book meets our general criteria) your listing will be absolutely free.
Will we allow you to do this more than once? Absolutely.

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