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Hello authors!

Christmas is almost here, so exciting! What a wonderful time of year. I hope you are warm and safe wherever you are.

More Marketing Tips:
Have you started your own email subscriber list yet? If you haven’t, it’s time you did! If you think it’s a waste of your time, I say this to you; you use this service, and the primary source of all your sales when you run an ad with us is through the email list.

So imagine having your own email list filled with people who are already fans of your books. Sending them all a personal message is as close to guaranteed sales every time you release a new title as you’re going to get.

How to get it up and running? Start with a blog, I recommend using WordPress. They make it easy to get yourself set up with a page that looks professional, and many of their templates are free. Next, you want to integrate an email marketing platform so that you can allow sign-ups from your blog pages. Don’t get scared by the big words, it’s very easy. I recommend using Mailchimp–like WordPress, it is also free up 2,000 subscribers and they have great customer support. A good reference for adding them to your blog is here .

But it’s so much work, I’d rather be writing… You don’t need to post every day. In fact it’s widely agreed that posting every day is actually a bad thing. Once a week, once every two weeks, even once a month is acceptable for an author page. The key is good content. “Not posting” is sometimes better than posting, because the last thing you want is to give your readers a reason to unsubscribe to your blog / email list. General rule of marketing: it costs between 4 and 10 times more to generate a new customer than it does to retain one. Don’t lose the ones you worked so hard to get by spamming them with babble. Make every email you send contain something of value.

Free Listings
In the spirit of our first author newsletter, we will continue to choose a random genre each month and offer a week-long block of listings in that genre for free. If you have a book you’d like to submit, please do so quickly. Our free offers go extremely fast.

free ebooks
January 12th through January 18th, all FANTASY listings are free

Limited quantities. Only 2 Daily Picks, 2 New Release, and 1 Daily Underdog max per day. All regular requirements apply – see for details.

Don’t write Fantasy but have a friend who does?
Please, forward this email on to them!


Please read carefully:
Free listings dates are only between Jan 12 and Jan 18 2017. You can submit for one of those listings any time between now and Nov 28th. These spots will fill quickly, be sure to submit as soon as you’re able. If your spot is full, we will send notification. To receive a free listing, your book must fit solidly within the fantasy genre. eBookBetty reserves the right to decline any listing for any reason. When submitting, include the words ‘FREE LISTING’ in the ‘Additional Information’ box at the bottom of the form. For better chances of acceptance,be sure to specify the entire date range your book can be listed. We will only accept one listing per author.

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