Betty’s Picks for Tuesday, September 30th

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Today’s daily picks. Please be sure to double check the pricing before using the “buy” link, especially if this post is more than a day old. Listings may switch back to regular pricing at the author’s discretion.

Paranormal Fantasy
112 Amazon Reviews Avg Rating: 4.1 / 5.0
by C.L. Schneider
My name is Darcy Anderson, and I am cursed with a dark power: Whenever my life is in danger, something inside me summons elemental fire to protect me. I cannot control this.

One night, I was attacked in my home. I survived the inferno, but my parents did not and I was sent to prison for manslaughter. Now I’m out, and all I want is to return to my home town and rebuild my life; but the man who attacked me is back to finish what he started.

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116 Amazon Reviews Avg Rating: 4.3 / 5.0
by Robert J. Crane

Cyrus Davidon leads a small guild in the human capital of Reikonos. Caught in an untenable situation, facing death in the den of a dragon, they are saved by the brave fighters of Sanctuary who offer an invitation filled with the promise of greater adventure. Soon Cyrus is embroiled in a mystery – someone is stealing weapons of nearly unlimited power for an unknown purpose, and Sanctuary may be the only thing that stands between the world of Arkaria and total destruction.

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Dark Fantasy
552 Amazon Reviews Avg Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
by Sam Sisavath

Creatures that once lived in the shadows, hidden from humankind, have risen, spreading like a plague across the globe over the course of a single night. Their numbers growing exponentially through infection, these seemingly unkillable creatures have swallowed up whole cities and collapsed unprepared governments.

Survivors call it The Purge.

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Science Fiction
142 Amazon Reviews Avg Rating: 4.2 / 5.0
by Jay Allan

Erastus. An unimaginable nightmare. A searing hot world, covered with cracked, burning deserts and sweltering jungles. Called Gehenna by the condemned men sent to fight there, it forged the few who survived its murderous battles into the strongest soldiers in history. 

Jake Taylor was a New Hampshire farmboy who wanted nothing more than to marry his girlfriend, work on the farm, and maybe one day write a great novel. But the UN Central needed men…men to go to war on hostile worlds like Erastus. 

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