Betty’s Bargain eBooks for Wednesday, October 11th

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The Mages of Bennamore
Fantasy by Pauline M. Ross
Pauline M. Ross The Mages of Bennamore free Kindle ebooks

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A fragile peace. A clash of magic. A woman with secrets. The war is over, and the mages of Bennamore are bringing their spellcraft to the Port Holdings. But when a mage disappears, the two sides must combine their magic to stop a disastrous plunge back into a war which would destroy them all.


Hot Pursuit
Romantic Thriller by Lynn Raye Harris
Lynn Raye Hot Pursuit free Kindle ebooks amazon bargain ebooks
Save $0.99
Ten years ago Army Captain Matt Girard did something he shouldn’t. His best friend offered him her virginity–and he took it. Then he left town and he’s never looked back. Until now, and Evie Baker wants nothing to do with him. But when her sister goes missing and her ex-boyfriend turns up dead, she’s in desperate need of Matt’s military black ops skills to save the day.


Class Dismissed
Mystery by Mark Petry
Mark Petry Class Dismissed free Kindle ebooks FREE with
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or $0.99
A College Psychology Professor in Austin has apparently murdered almost his entire class of 35 students during his final. Five students have survived, although they remember nothing.


Deal with the Devil
Historical Fiction by Ron Schwab
Ron Schwab Deal with the Devil free Kindle ebooks FREE with
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or $0.99
Intrigue and adventure abound in this first novel of the action-packed Western series, The Law Wranglers, set amidst the Texas-Indian wars.


The Alpha Plague
Science Fiction Thriller by Michael Robertson
Michael Robertson The Alpha Plague free Kindle ebooks amazon bargain ebooks
Save $0.99
Rhys is an average guy who works an average job in Summit City—a purpose built government complex on the outskirts of London. The Alpha Tower stands in the centre of the city. An enigma, nobody knows what happens behind its dark glass. Rhys is about to find out.


Another Summer
Romance by Sue Lilley
Sue Lilley Another Summer free Kindle ebooks Free with
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Save $2.00
He can see the sunshine after the storm and he wants to share it with Evie. But is that what Evie truly wants? The heat of passion and the bitter sting of betrayal – if you like sizzling love triangles you won’t want to miss it. Steamy, passionate and unpredictable..


Daily Underdog
The Impossible WIzard
Young Adult Fantasy by James E. Wisher
James E. Wisher The Impossible Wizard free Kindle ebooks
FREE with
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or $0.99
Conryu Koda in a young man of modest ambition. All he wants is to work on bikes and practice Kung Fu. His modest dreams die on the day of The Testing when it’s revealed he has wizard potential.


New Release
Magic in My Bones
Fantasy by Kellie Sheridan
Kellie Sheridan Magic in My Bones free Kindle ebooks Free with
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or $0.99
With the threat of exposure growing every day, humanity is getting closer and closer to learning about a world they may not be ready to handle. The supernatural world must band together if they stand any chance of survival.


New Release
The Proof
SciFi Thriller by Zvi Speiser
Zvi Speiser 2036 The Proof free Kindle ebooks FREE with
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or $0.99
 A huge asteroid rushing into earth, human DNA going crazy in a lab, exploding stars, and an ancient sect. Join Chicago police Detective Rick Heller and investigative journalist Will Thorne as they try to figure out why scientists connected to these discoveries are almost killed and a security guard is murdered.