Betty’s Bargain eBooks for Wednesday, November 25th

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Siobhan’s Secret
Romantic Fantasy by Nikki Broadwell
amazon bargain ebooks Siobhan's Secret Fantasy Romance by Nikki Broadwell
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Save $2.00
After losing her mother Kat finds herself adrift in a world that seems oblivious to her plight. Ravens seem to be following her, making her nervous. But when a homeless guy wearing a Grateful Dead T-shirt strikes up a conversation, she decides it’s time to get a grip. Little does she know that her father is a god and has sent other gods and goddesses to look out for her.
Thriller, Suspense Mystery by Willow Rose
amazon bargain ebooks SAY YOU LOVE ME Mystery/Suspense Thriller by Willow Rose Amazon Kindle
Save $5.99
The #1 Bestselling Mystery Series on Amazon continues! Eva Rae’s younger brother – who she didn’t know existed – has been arrested on Amelia Island. The boy is in a coma after being shot by an officer during the incident. But his father doesn’t believe the police, and he needs Eva Rae’s help to prove it.
Light and Shadows
Paranormal Action/Adventure Romance by R. W. Patterson
amazon bargain ebooks Light and Shadows Paranormal Action Adventure Romance by R. W. Patterson Amazon Kindle
Save $0.99
Light and Shadows, the second supernatural slow-burn novel in the completed Heart and Soul quartet, follows Elaine Pearson and hybrid, Ian Kearney, as his dark past and precarious future clashes with hers in a tumultuous quest for truth, clarity and peace.
The Winter Sisters: A Novel
Historical Fiction by Tim Westover
amazon bargain ebooks The Winter Sisters: A Novel Historical Fiction by Tim Westover Amazon Kindle
Georgia, 1822. Dr. Aubrey Waycross puts his faith in science, not superstition. So when he moves to a remote mountain town, he’s dismayed to see the townsfolk reject his scientific blood-letting methods in favor of potions and witchcraft. And with a rabid panther stalking the area, he’s running out of time to convince the citizens of the error of their ways.
Horror by Tanya R. Taylor
bargain ebooks Rebirth Horror by Tanya R. Taylor Amazon Kindle
Save $0.99
An unusual child with remarkable gifts attracts the attention of a formidable cult. Hooded figures dressed in black surround the house where the baby and its mother appear to be at their mercy. Will the innocent survive their devilish scheme? And the puzzling question remains: What could they possibly want with the baby?
Her Dominant Lawman
Erotic Romance by K. R. Max
amazon bargain ebooks Her Dominant Lawman Erotic Romance by K. R. Max Amazon Kindle
Save $2.99
City cop Will Hunter has no time for women, and certainly not for pleasure, but one touch of this sweet little redhead isn’t even close to enough. Then he finds out she’s his missing witness, the one who can put his nemesis behind bars for good, and he knows he should keep his distance. Thing is, he’s no good at following rules. He can’t resist Cassidy’s innocence, nor her submissive heart.
Daily Underdog
Frankie Fish and the Tomb of Tomfoolery
Young Adult/Teen by Peter Helliar
amazon bargain ebooks Frankie Fish and the Tomb of Tomfoolery Young Adul/Teen by Peter Helliar Amazon Kindle
When Frankie and Drew get in an argument about how Ancient Egyptians really walked, there’s only one way to set the record straight: a quick time-travel adventure! But what happens when Frankie and Drew’s precious Sonic Suitcase ends up buried inside a booby-trap-ridden pyramid? There’s only one way to get it back – by going inside and hoping they can make it out again …
New Release
Science Fiction by Raymond Bolton
amazon bargain ebooks Folder Science Fiction by Raymond Bolton Amazon Kindle
Eric Folder has moved to Oregon to attend Portland State University when an automobile accident leaves him stricken with migraine headaches. The resulting visual effects—something medical professionals term an aura—render him virtually blind and defenseless when a gang of street thugs attacks him. Desperate to see and needing to protect himself, Eric reflexively tears at the luminous lines of light and finds they have become tangible.