Betty’s Bargain eBooks for Wednesday, August 9th

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Witch of the Cards
Historical Fantasy by Catherine Stine
Catherine Stine Witch of the Cards Kindle ebook
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Save $2.00
Sexy historical fantasy by USA Today bestselling author, Catherine Stine. Fiera discovers she’s a witch from a powerful sea clan, but someone’s out to stop her blossoming power forever. She’s falling in love with Peter, a fellow medium, though he has a covert past. Secrets, lies, even murder, lace this thriller set in 1932 with cameos from Bela Lugosi and Salvador Dali.


Strain of Resistance
Science Fiction by Michelle Bryan
michelle bryan strain of resistance Kindle ebook

I was 12 years old when the world ended. For eight years I’ve survived, fighting the alien parasite that mutated most of the population into blood-thirsty freaks. And now, things are changing, and not for the better. The parasite is evolving. Becoming smarter, stronger and deadlier.


Cold Blooded
Action Thriller by Mark DeLeo
Bernard Lee Deleo Cold Blooded Kindle ebook kindle ebooks

Rachel Hunter and her seven-year-old daughter are in the Witness Protection Program. She is at work when she first meets Nick McCarthy, a best selling author of an Assassin book series. But writing is his cover. His real profession: assassin. And his next assignment – take out Rachel Hunter.


Adventures of a Vegan Vamp
Cozy Mystery by Cate Lawley
Cate Lawley Adventures of a Vegan Vamp Kindle ebook kindle ebooks
Waking up thin is one thing. But waking up gaunt, hangry,and undead makes for a very bad day. That’s only the beginning. Mallory’s killer better hide, because she’s just discovered blood, meat, and dairy don’t agree with her-and a future with no cheese is grim indeed.


Fallen Out
Mystery by Wayne Stinnett
Wayne Stinnett Fallen Out Kindle ebook kindle ebooks
What can a combat Marine do in the Florida Keys? People need help and cops aren’t always there. Besides, cops have rules. Jesse doesn’t.


YA Romance by Rachel Van Dyken
Rachel Van Dyken Capture Kindle ebook amazon bargain ebooks
Losing your ability to speak at the age of seventeen; it’s not normal or fair.
But trauma, has a way of throwing normality out the window.


YA Fantasy by Kate Thornbrugh
Kaye Thornbrugh Flicker Kindle ebook
Lee Capren’s life is perfectly ordinary, thank you very much—right up until she’s spirited away by faeries and forced to serve them as a portrait artist. 


Daily Underdog
Close Reach
Horror by Jonathan Moore
Jonathan Moore Close Reach Kindle ebook

Kelly Pratihari-Reid and her husband sail their yacht into Antarctic waters, thinking their gravest concerns will be ice and storms—and their cracked marriage. A British girl shrieking across a short-range VHF frequency ends that illusion. It’s coming, she screams. It saw us and it’s coming back! 


New Release
Gods of Blood and Bone
Science Fiction by Azalea Ellis
Azalea Ellis Gods of Blood and Bone Kindle ebook

bargain ebooks
Save $2.00

What would you do if you could level up everything about yourself? Become smarter, stronger, more attractive? Follow Eve Redding as she struggles to survive in this game of deadly consequences. Perfect for fans of Red Rising and Ready Player One.


New Release
Democracy’s Thief
Fantasy by Al Macy
Al Macy Democracy's Thief Kindle ebook

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Save $3.00

After a friend is shot during a break-in, PI Eric Beckman discovers that the presidential candidate behind the burglary has a paranormal ability: he can compel people to support him. Beckman must overcome his aversion to politics and stop this man from being elected. If he fails, millions will die.


New Release
Julia and the Duke
Regency Romance by Samantha Holt
Samantha Holt Julia and the Duke Kindle ebook
kindle ebooks
Save $2.00
A new duke moving into their sleepy village doesn’t interest Julia, especially when she hears all about his scandalous behavior. When she hears of his plans to build a mill at her favorite nature spot she knows she must stop him. His charming manners and good looks will not change her mind. Will it?