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The Watermight Thief
Young Adult Epic Fantasy by Jordan Rivet
bargain ebooks The Watermight Thief Young Adult/Teen Epic Fantasy by Jordan Rivet

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Tamri is a scrappy magic thief in a brutal canal city. When she accidentally steals a dragon, the king ships her off to a distant mountaintop land where the legendary Fire Queen is starting a school for magic wielders. The king suspects the Fire Queen is plotting against him, and he orders Tamri to uncover the truth—if she wants her family to survive the school year.


Dark Intent
Mystery Thriller by Lee Vargas
amazon bargain ebooks Dark Intent Mystery/Thriller by Lee Vargas

Social Worker Emma Aranda endured 37 grisly hours of torture, humiliation, and terror at the hands of a psychotic killer. Determined to reclaim her life and hoping to make peace with her past, Emma accepts a job helping victims of violent crime, but after a vicious murder takes someone in her small circle, the police make a horrifying connection with Emma’s brutal past.


Protected Mate
Paranormal Romance by JH Croix
amazon bargain ebooks Protected Mate Paranormal Romance by JH Croix

Save $4.99
A shifter romance with a guaranteed HEA from USA Today Bestselling Author J.H. Croix! If you like smoking hot paranormal romance with a twist of suspense and adventure, you’ll love this series!


The Chalky Sea
Historical Fiction by Clare Flynn
amazon bargain ebooks The Chalky Sea Historical Fiction by Clare Flynn
Two troubled people in a turbulent world. In July 1940, Gwen Collingwood drops her husband at the railway station, knowing she may never see him again. Two days later her humdrum world is torn apart when the sleepy English seaside town where she lives is subjected to the first of many heavy bombing attacks.


Fat Vampire
Comedy Horror by Johnny B. Truant
amazon bargain books Fat Vampire Comedy Horror by Johnny B. Truant
Save $0.99
When overweight treadmill salesman Reginald Baskin finally meets a co-worker who doesn’t make fun of him, it’s his own bad luck that tech guy Maurice turns out to be a two thousand-year-old vampire. And when Maurice turns Reginald to save his life, it’s just Reginald’s further bad luck that he wakes to discover he’s become the slowest, weakest, most out-of-shape vampire ever created.


Hearts in Darkness
Erotic Romance by Laura Kaye
amazon bargain ebooks Hearts in Darkness Erotic Romance by Laura Kaye
Save $2.99
Two strangers… When accountant Makenna James finds herself stranded in a pitch-black elevator, she can’t help but wonder about the stranger stuck with her. All she noticed about him before the lights went out was a dragon tattoo; all she knows now is his sexy, gruff voice in the darkness. Four hours…


Daily Underdog
Last Refuge
Science Fiction Adventure by Allen Kuzara
amazon bargain ebooks Last Refuge Scifi-Adventure by Allen Kuzara
Save $3.99
Opportunity doesn’t knock twice, but death can… After making it through the long Alaskan winter, Nick and Jimmy begin building their hard-earned new lives. But the spring thaw has revived more than trees and green grass. For the two brothers, killing crazies has once again become an everyday reality. Their lives change forever when Nick receives Lusa’s call for help and a new threat is revealed.


New Release
Ethaze and the Shadow Court
Young Adult Fantasy by JP Kaeden
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Ethaze now knows the truth – her mother was traded to the Fae. Determined to rescue her, Ethaze learns of the uneasy truce between Gods, Faeries and the protectors of mankind – the Blacksmith Order of Gafannon. But the Shadow Court lurk in the Void, waiting to be released from their prisons to once more reignite the ages old war. Ethaze and the Shadow Court is a fast paced YA Fantasy novel.