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Romance Anthology by Multiple Authors
Forbidden Kindle ebook kindle ebooks
You know you shouldn’t, but the temptation of forbidden fruit is too sweet to pass up. Indulge your hidden desires this summer with FORBIDDEN, a scandalous anthology comprised of 16 new and exclusive short stories from today’s bestselling and award-winning contemporary romance authors.


The Black Witch
Fantasy by Robert D. Jones
Robert D. Jones The Black Witch Kindle ebook
Isolde dreams of heroic deeds and yearns to live the life of a shield-maiden. When the wanderer Skaldi turns up at her doorstep, he brings horrific news. The barbaric armies of Ravenscar are flooding down from the north. The Black Witch has returned, and she is calling out to Isolde.


The Librarian
Young Adult Fantasy by Christy Sloat
Christy Sloat The Librarian Kindle ebook kindle ebooks
On a dark, wintery night, alone in the library, Emme takes her first glance into one of the antique novels and finds herself transported to 1892 England staring into the eyes of handsome and dashing hero Jack Ridgewell.


Science Fiction by Michael Z. Williamson
Michael Z. Williamson Freehold Kindle ebook
Sergeant Kendra Pacelli is innocent, but that doesn’t matter. Where does one run when all Earth and most settled planets are one government? Answer: The Freehold of Grainne. There, one may seek asylum. But now things are about to go royally to hell. Because Earth’s government has found out where she is, and they want her back. Or dead.


Science Fiction by Ken McConnell
Ken McConnell Corvette Kindle ebook kindle ebooks
When Lieutenant Armon Vance found himself assigned to the oldest ship in the fleet, stationed on the edge of the known galaxy, he figured his Fleet career was over. But in fact, he was about to embark on the most important mission of his young career.


Cozy Mystery by Traci Tyne Hilton
Traci Tyne Hilton Foreclosed Kindle ebook Kindle ebooks
Foreclosed is the word no homeowner wants to hear, and Mitzy is determined to save the incredible mansion on her street from that fate. But with the homeowner desperate to keep Mitzy away from his property and Alonzo, the dangerously hot rival investor trying to snatch it out from under her, Mitzy knows she has to work fast, or the economy won’t be the only thing dead…


Stone Groove
Thriller by Erik Carter
Erik Carter Stone Groove Kindle ebook Kindle ebooks
Special Agent Dale Conley specializes in the unusual, and he’s seen it all. Except for this. An entire community vanishes overnight—just like the fabled Lost Colony of Roanoke. The only clue is a single word chiseled into a blood-spattered stone.


Daily Underdog
To the Falls
Young Adult Fantasy by Heather Renee
Heather Renee To The Falls Kindle ebook
kindle ebooks
Kaliah “Kali” Atwater is awaiting two things, finishing sophomore year in college and her upcoming twentieth birthday. The day before Kali’s birthday, she finds out that the dream she’s had every night for almost a year of a beautiful land, isn’t a fantasy at all. It’s her birth place.


New Release
Billionaire Romance by Colleen Charles
Colleen Charles Tightwad Kindle ebook

kindle ebooks

He’s a player. Then again, maybe that’s what I need—a man whose taste will linger on my lips for months. A man who can make me scream his name. I need to be saved from a vicious criminal. But who’s going to protect me from him?


New Release
Mystery by Nathaniel Sanders
Nathaniel Sanders Screens Kindle ebook

bargain ebooks

A broken young woman and the last working cell phone are mysteriously united to save the internet, and everything connected to it.


New Release
Innocence Assaulted
Thriller by Wesley Robert Lowe
Wesley Robert Lowe Innocence Assaulted Kindle ebook
bargain ebooks
Would you take on the Russian mob to save an ex-girlfriend? That’s exactly what Noah Reid is about to do.


New Release
A Royal Affair
Historical Romance by Christina George
Christina George A Royal Affair Kindle ebook
bargain ebooks
What if the love of your life lived 200 years ago? Emma was born with a gift to see past lives, but has no interest in reliving her own. Until it comes back to haunt her.