Betty’s Bargain eBooks for Wednesday, August 17th

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Mated to the Alien Beast: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance
Sci-Fi Alien Romance by Ivy Sparks
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Vorian is a scarred alien haunted by his past, a brooding handsome beast living in a big gothic castle—basically my dream man. But what does he see in me, a desperate woman from a failing sky colony?
Saving Easton
Military Small Town Romance by Kaci Rose
amazon bargain books Saving Easton Military Small Town Romance by Kaci Rose Amazon Kindle
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He’s a grumpy prisoner of war who won’t let anyone around him. She’s the ball of sunshine that pushes his boundaries. What happens when she pushes too far?
Fallen Out
Action/Adventure by Wayne Stinnett
amazon bargain ebooks Fallen Out Action Adventure by Wayne Stinnett Amazon Kindle
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When Jesse McDermitt leaves the Marine Corps, he has no idea what he will do for the rest of his life. He only knows he doesn’t want to spend the coming winter anywhere cold. His greatest skill is killing people from up to a mile away and he knows there aren’t many job opportunities in the civilian world for that.
Genesis Code (Book 1, Genesis Series)
Dystopian Sci-Fi Thriller by Eliza Green
amazon bargain ebooks Genesis Code (Book 1, Genesis Series) Sci-Fi Thriller by Eliza Green Amazon Kindle
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Investigator Bill Taggart’s wife is missing. He can only find her by confronting the World Government’s biggest fear: a dangerous alien species on a distant planet. When his government sends him on a covert mission to deal with the threat, Bill ends up confronting one alien. He is disturbed that the natives are not what he expected, and may have nothing to do with his wife’s disappearance.
Go In and Sink!
Historical Fiction by Douglas Reeman
amazon bargain ebooks Go In and Sink! Historical Fiction by Douglas Reeman Amazon Kindle
February 1943: As the balance of the war slowly shifts in Britain’s favour, Lieutenant-Commander Steven Marshall brings his battle-scarred submarine into home port.
Locked Away
Mystery by B.A. Spicer
amazon bargain ebooks Locked Away Mystery by B.A. Spicer Amazon Kindle
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Ellie’s body jerked and her eyes flicked open. Darkness. The sound that came from her mouth was muffled. Something approximating to mah! For a split second, she could not think. Then the questions came thick and fast: Where was she? Why was it so cold and dark? Why was she lying on the ground?
Sabrina’s Vampire
Erotic Romance by A K Michaels
amazon bargain ebooks Sabrina's Vampire Erotic Romance by A K Michaels Amazon Kindle
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I’ve ran from the only life I’ve known, disgraced, alone, and with no idea how to carry on. I was certain I could lose myself in ‘Sin City’, but I’ve ended up in trouble on my first night. I was stupid, getting drunk and allowing myself to be backed into an alley … even my years of police training won’t get me out of this.
Daily Underdog
The Imperial Topaz
Young Adult Fantasy by Nicole Eatough
amazon bargain ebooks The Imperial Topaz Young Adult/Teen Fantasy by Nicole Eatough Amazon Kindle
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Ali has the next five years planned out perfectly. Escape her controlling parents by running to another state for college? Check. Enroll in a stable degree that will give her financial independence and security? Check. Have a handsome genie in a gem dropped into her lap who then refuses to leave her apartment? NOT check.
New Release
Horror by Iseult Murphy
amazon bargain ebooks Hedgehogs Horror by Iseult Murphy Amazon Kindle
Your garden is their battleground. After a new pesticide turns hedgehogs into flesh hungry maniacs, Harry must seek the help of a fox, a cat and a mouse if he’s to survive the night of the living hogs. A Romero x Animals of Farthing Wood mashup like you’ve never read before.