Betty’s Bargain eBooks for Tuesday, September 5th

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Romantic Suspense by Nina Croft
Nina Croft Unthinkable Kindle ebooks
Betrayed by the government he worked for, Jake Callahan, leader of a group of powerful telepaths, will do anything to keep his people safe–and that means uncovering the secrets behind their past. His only hope lies with Christa Winters, the beautiful scientist daughter of Jake’s old boss. But Christa has secrets of her own…


Appetite for Innocence
Psychological Thriller by Lucinda Berry
Lucinda Berry Appetite for Innocence Free Kindle ebooks kindle ebooks
Be careful what you post online. Your next check-in might lead him right to you… A serial rapist is kidnapping teenage girls. But he’s not interested in just any teenage girls—only virgins. He hunts them by following their status updates and check-ins on social media. No one escapes alive. Until Ella…


Daughter of the Red Dawn
Young Adult Fantasy Romance by Alicia Michaels
Alicia Michaels Daughter of the Red Dawn free Kindle ebooks
A lost princess, they call her. Seventeen year-old Selena McKinley has always felt as if she doesn’t belong. When the arrival of a stranger turns her world upside down, Selena will learn just how different she is and the truth of where she comes from.


Three of Swords
Epic Fantasy by Michael Jason Brandt
Michael Jason Brandt Three of Swords free Kindle ebooks kindle ebooks
With one fateful decision, the Empire of Twelve Kingdoms drifts from tenuous peace toward limitless conflict. Emperor Eberhart’s unexpected abdication creates an absence of power just as the land most needs leadership. Kinship, unity, and hope give way to ambition, conspiracy, and tragedy.


The Heaviness of Knowing
SciFi Thriller by Sharolyn G. Brown
Sharolyn G. Brown The Heaviness of Knowing free Kindle ebooks
Aliens are invading Earth, and dreams are their greatest weapon.


The Stones Cry Out
Mystery by Sibella Giorello
Sibella Giorello The Stones Cry Out free Kindle ebooks
In the searing heat of a Virginia summer, two men fall from a roof, plummeting to their deaths on the sidewalk below. One man was a white cop. The other, a young black boxer with a murky past. Hundred of people stood by, yet nobody will say what happened.


The Red Hill
Historical Mystery by David Penny
David Penny The Red Hill Free Kindle ebooks kindle ebooks
Moorish Spain, 1482. Englishman and physician Thomas Berrington is an unwilling friend to the Sultan of Granada, the most powerful man in the kingdom of al-Andalus. When bodies start to turn up in the palace, each showing marks of a savage attack, Thomas is asked to investigate.


Daily Underdog
Horror by Steven Jenkins
Steven Jenkins Thea Free Kindle ebooks

Vampires are real – hidden among us, concealing their lust for human blood. But monsters come in many forms. As the long nights of worry start to feed Sarah’s paranoia, she must take desperate measures to save her family.


 New Release
Drawn to Him
Romance by Multiple Authors
Drawn to Him Free Kindle ebooks


There are some men who make you helpless. You know the kind. They steal the breath from your lungs and make your heart beat a little faster with a single look. You can’t stop staring, but the moment they pin those gorgeous eyes on you, you’re done for. The kind that’s too hard to resist. This is a collection of men just like that. Handsome, confident and all for you.


New Release
The Fourth Friend
Mystery by Joy Ellis
Joy Ellis The Fourth Friend Free Kindle ebooks

kindle ebooks

Police detective Carter McLean is the only survivor of a plane crash that kills his four best friends. He returns to work but he is left full of guilt and terrible flashbacks. So for each of his four friends he decides to complete something that they left unfinished.


New Release
The Final Tour
Action Thriller by A.J. Stewart
A.J. Stewart The Final Tour free Kindle ebooks
kindle ebooks
Jacques Fontaine always wanted to serve but he never expected to lead this band of brothers. Different nationalities, different languages, a collection of misfits. And the world’s elite terrorist hunters.