Betty’s Bargain eBooks for Tuesday, May 17th

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Umbrella Man
Mystery Horror by Willow Rose
amazon bargain ebooks Umbrella Man Mystery Horror by Willow Rose Amazon Kindle
Save $4.99
When the body of the teenage boy, Julian Long, is discovered in the Green Swamps of Florida, the citizens of Bushlake know the city will never be the same again. Julian was popular, loved by all, and the circumstances of his death are more than strange.
Judge Not
Young Adult/Teen Fantasy by Ciara Graves
amazon bargain ebooks Judge Not Young Adult/Teen Fantasy by Ciara Graves Amazon Kindle
Save $2.99
Lela’s a warrior of light. As a warrior of light her mission is to protect the world from the legions of demons, corrupted mortals, hell spawn, and the dark creatures of nightmares. Cracks in the veil have opened up the war of shadows and brought it to the mortal plane, opening up the seals to the realms of angels and hell.
Ambrose, Prince of Wessex; Trader of Kiev.
Historical Adventure by Bruce Corbett
amazon bargain ebooks Ambrose, Prince of Wessex; Trader of Kiev. Historical Fiction Adventure by Bruce Corbett Amazon Kindle
Save $1.99
A young prince of Wessex is captured by Viking raiders. He and his friends manage to escape captivity in Denmark, and begin an epic journey to Norway and then Sweden. The rest of the story is loosely based on the Primary Russian Chronicles. There, they join a Viking expedition to conquer Novgorod, and, within a year, they travel down the mighty Dnieper river to settle in Kiev.
Russian Hill
Thriller by Ty Hutchinson
amazon bargain ebooks Russian Hill Thriller by Ty Hutchinson Amazon Kindle
Save $2.99
The Carlson’s are your typical, fun-loving married couple. They’re charming, intelligent, and hospitable. That’s how they turn people into victims. While vacationing in San Francisco, the Carlson’s have decorated popular tourist attractions with the body parts of their victims. SFPD has no clue who the couple is, nor do they have any leads. Desperate for help, SFPD reaches out to the FBI.
The Pool Boy
Erotic Romance by Penny Wylder
amazon bargain ebooks The Pool Boy Erotic Romance by Penny Wylder Amazon Kindle
Save $2.99
When my friend asked me to cover for him at his pool cleaning job, I figured I’d make some extra cash. I didn’t expect to find myself face to face with a sweet set of curves named Vera. Then she started strutting around in her bikini. I guess her goal is to piss her rich dad off. I’m clearly not the kind of guy he wants her near. But if she thinks I’ll let her toy with me and not follow through…
Daily Underdog
Forever Warriors
Young Adult/Teen SciFi/Fantasy Adventure by M.J. Sewall
amazon bargain ebooks Forever Warriors Young Adult/Teen Science Fiction Adventure by M.J. Sewall Amazon Kindle
Save $0.99
In a sleepy California town, five teenagers discover abilities they could have never imagined, from reading minds to controlling matter and freezing time itself. Struggling with their newfound skills, they band together to find answers. Pursued by the power-hungry Rageto, the five attempt to discover the truth about their gift – and stay alive.
New Release
Pineapple Podcast
Cozy, Woman Sleuth Mystery by Amy Vansant
bargain ebooks Pineapple Podcast Women's Sleuth Cozy Mystery by Amy Vansant Free with
Amazon Kindle Unlimited
or $3.99
Save $2.00
Pineapple Podcast is packed full of Pineapple Port surprises! Charlotte hunts a killer with a curious cookie-cutter calling card who seems to be out to impress the local true-crime podcaster. The work keeps her from concentrating on the fact her boyfriend has been acting strange…it seems Declan is ready to make a few major life decisions.
New Release
Something Blue: A Sweet Romance Anthology
Contemporary Romance by Teri Wilson
amazon bargain ebooks Something Blue Contemporary Romance by Teri Wilson Amazon Kindle
Apple Books
Barnes & Noble
Rakuten Kobo

Save $6.00
Say “I do” to this collection of sweet wedding-themed romcoms from the team who brought you the USA Today Bestseller CHRISTMAS ACTUALLY! 18 all-new novellas by bestselling authors Teri Wilson, Lacey Baker, Caro Carson, Cassidy Carter, Melinda Curtis, Marianne Evans, Nicole Flockton, Shirley Jump, Makenna Lee and more!