Betty’s Bargain eBooks for Tuesday, August 29th

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Dark Angel
Fantasy Romance by Christine Pope
Christine Pope Dark Angel
The future head witch of her clan, Angela McAllister must bond with her consort during her twenty-first year, but her dreams are haunted by a man she’s never seen. She faces a hard choice: give up her dreams of the man she may never meet, or leave her clan at the mercy of those who seek their ruin.


Walker Island Romance Box Set
Romance by Lucy Kevin
Lucy Kevin Walker Island Box Set Kindle ebook
Come for a visit to Walker Island where you’ll find stunning Pacific Northwest ocean views, men too intriguing to resist…and five close-knit sisters who are each about to find their one true love. Lucy Kevin– the “sweet” pen-name of New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Bella Andre. 


Blood Magic
Young Adult Fantasy by Holly Hook
Holly Hook Blood Magic Kindle ebook kindle ebooks
Turned into a vampire at the age of two, Alyssa has spent her life pretending to be human in a society who hates “Abnormals” like her. But then the Mage Xavier shows up at her school and introduces her to a whole other reality under her feet—Abnormals Underground, an entire society of supernatural beings hiding under the city of Cumberland.


The Earl of Brass
Steampunk Science Fiction by Kara Jorgensen
Kara Jorgensen Kindle ebook kindle ebooks
Beneath the Negev’s sand lies something far more precious than potsherds or bones. A long lost crystal city has been found that could change Eilian and Hadley’s world forever– but they aren’t the only ones who know its secrets.


Science Fiction by Alexandra Moody
Alexandra Moody Tainted Kindle ebook Kindle ebooks
Elle Winters lost everything on the day of impact. All she has ever known are the artificial confines of underground fallout shelter, the ARC. But mysterious disappearances plague the ARC. Elle would never dare to voice the forbidden questions that linger on her lips. Until they take the wrong person.


The Murder at Skellin Cottage
Mystery by Amy Cross
Amy Cross The Murder at Skellin Cottage Free Kindle ebooks kindle ebooks
Skellin Cottage is an oasis of peace and tranquillity. Nestled far out in the English countryside, it’s the perfect place for visitors who want to get away from the world for a while. Until one morning when the cottage’s latest tenant, Deborah Dean, is found brutally murdered.


Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula
Action Adventure by Elise Stokes
Elise Stokes Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula Free Kindle ebooks kindle ebooks
Cassidy Jones is your typical teenager– that is, until a seemingly harmless accident in the laboratory of a world-renowned geneticist turns her world upside down.


Daily Underdog
The Duke’s Shadow
Historical Fiction by Louise Charles
Louise Charles The Duke's Shadow Free Kindle ebooks
Kindle ebooks
William Kenilworth, a young Victorian aristocrat, was never born to be the Duke of Romsey. When his older brother, Henry dies in a freak racing accident, William inherits a legacy and title he has not been groomed for nor wants.


New Release 
Falling For Her
Romance by Mia Ford
Mia Ford Falling for Her Kindle ebook

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New Release
Romance by Kira Blakely

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Cars aren’t the only thing these hands are good with. My story is simple: Michelle comes to my body shop and can’t pay for the repairs. She’s a broke college grad, so I give them for free. That really get her motor purring.


New Release
Buried Secrets
Thriller by T.J. Brearton
Buried Secrets T.J. Brearton Free Kindle ebooks
Kindle ebooks
Newlyweds Brett and Emily Larson have just moved into a new home, and are overjoyed when Emily finds out she’s pregnant. Then they discover human bones in their garden. As the police start to investigate, three things become clear:  The bones are recent. They are not here by accident. They are a message.


New Release
Ice Lake
Mystery by John A. Lenahan
John A Lenahan Ice Lake Free Kindle ebooks
Kindle ebooks
Psychologist Harry Cull arrives in the picturesque town of Ice Lake to help with the murder investigation. There he unravels a web of lies and deceit that leads to the dark heart of a community torn apart by fracking, drugs and murder.