Betty’s Bargain eBooks for Thursday, August 15th

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Historical Regency Fiction by D. L. Carter
bargain ebooks Ridiculous  Historical Fiction by D. L. Carter Free with

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Save $4.00
Identity theft regency style. After the death of her miserly cousin Antony North, Millicent Boarder is determined her family should never be poor or vulnerable again. To protect them she conceals her cousin’s death and assumes his identity. Now she must accept the price she must pay for her family’s safety — she will never be loved. Which means, now is the perfect time to rescue a duke.


Clean & Wholesome Romance by Olivia Sands
amazon bargain ebooks Colton Clean Wholesome Romance by Olivia Sands

Save $0.99
Colton Green thinks he’s got life all figured out. He’ll run the Red Widow Bourbon factory—a business that’s been in his family for generations—build a beautiful home, marry a nice country girl, and start a family. After all, family is what the Greens are all about. But all those perfectly laid out plans fly out the window the second he meets Grace Baker.


Rose’s Descent: An Urban Fairytale
Horror by Tigris Eden
amazon bargain ebooks Rose's Descent: An Urban Fairytale Occult Horror by Tigris Eden
Plagued by visions and voices, Rose knows one thing: she doesn’t want to hurt anyone anymore. So, in a last-ditch effort to hold on to reality, she settles into a psych ward. Unfortunately, those she meets promise her things they don’t exactly deliver, and despite being the girl with the plan, nothing seems to be going her way.


Fatal Starts
Legal Thriller by Diane Capri
amazon bargain ebooks Fatal Starts Legal Thriller by Diane Capri
Save $5.99
Introducing Jess Kimball, the relentless heroine you’ll really love. Jess is on a mission only she believes in, only she can complete. Her son was stolen. She wants him back. While she searches, she’s on your side.


Harm None
Mystery by Will North

Save $6.99
Penwith, the southwest tip of Cornwall, is a land of mystery and magic, of prehistoric monuments, witchcraft…and murder. When an American archaeological team stumbles upon the skeletal remains of a missing child beneath a Stone Age burial quoit, irascible CID Detective Sergeant Morgan Davies and her Scene of Crimes partner, Calum West, unearth a growing list of suspects.


Vampire Mage
Urban Fantasy by Janelle Peel
amazon bargain ebooks Vampire Mage Urban Fantasy by Janelle Peel
Save $0.99
My name is Sora. I was born into this world to a highly respected Mage family. All was well as a child; most children receive their magic at puberty… I was not that fortunate. Shunned by my family, I was cast out on my twenty-first birthday—a failure and disappointment to those who were supposed to love me.


Skye City: The Trials of Arturo
Science Fiction by R. D. Hale
amazon bargain ebooks Skye City: The Trials of Arturo Science Fiction by R. D. Hale
Save $0.99
This collection of four episodes represents the first complete book in the Skye City series. Please note: The Rise of an Orphan, The Migdols of Samaris, The Biopunk Revolution, and The San Terian Genocide are all available separately for purchase. If you already own these episodes, you do not need to purchase this collection.


The Atlantis Girl
Young Adult/Teen Fantasy by S. A. Beck
amazon bargain ebooks The Atlantis Girl YA/Teen Fantasy  by S. A. Beck
Save $4.99
Sixteen-year-old Jaxon Andersen doesn’t know anything about her origins and has been shuffled around different foster homes ever since she can remember. Trouble follows her, but bullies underestimate her small stature; she has an inexplicable strength, and she can kick some serious butt.


Daily Underdog
Hell’s Harlem – The Series
Erotic Romance by J.M. Walker
amazon bargain ebooks Hell's Harlem - The Series Erotic Romance by J.M. Walker
She couldn’t remember her past but looked to me like I was her future. My walls were built. My heart was cold. My emotions vacant. After being alone for five years with only my motorcycle club at my side, she was who I had been searching for. The one I had needed all along to light up the darkness surrounding my life.


New Release
Suicide Solution
Western Action/Adventure by Howard Woods
amazon bargain ebooks Suicide Solution Western Action Adventure by Howard Woods
When a wagon train needs delivering through Apache country, the fire-blooded soldiers of I Troop are assigned the task. Unfortunately, for them, the job proves to be anything but easy…