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Only the Dead Don’t Die
Horror by A.D. Popovich
A.D. Popovich Only the Dead Don't Lie

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Scarlett Lewis doesn’t realize the United States is succumbing to a horrific pandemic  . . . Until Scarlett begins to notice the bizarre events occurring around her. Travel with Scarlett on her perilous journey as she discovers the dark fate of the human race. With hope as her last weapon of defense, she must learn how to survive in a creeper-infested world without sacrificing her own humanity.


YA Fantasy by Maddy Edwards
Maddy Edwards Spiral amazon bargain ebooks
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Natalie Monroe is the only living descendent of a magical race, and once she knows her own secret there is no going back. The choices she has to make threaten to consume everything that she holds most dear.


Young Adult Fantasy Romance by Joanna Homer
Joanna Homer Contact amazon bargain ebooks
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When a life-changing incident forces Jack to reveal the truth he has been hiding, Eliza’s life is turned upside down, and she is thrown into a world she had no idea existed.  


Project Atlantis
Science Fiction by Brandon Ellis
Brandon Ellis Project Atlantis FREE with
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A secret branch of the U.S. government has found pyramids on Callisto, a Jupiter moon. They are etched with ancient hieroglyphs that no one can understand — no one but archaeologist Kaden Jaxx. What’s more, the pyramids are giving off energy. Lots of energy. Enough to power half of the United States.


Winter’s Law
Mystery by Stephen Penner
Stephen Penner Winter's Law FREE with
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Michael Jameson is a successful, forty-something, African American husband and father. And he’s just been charged with a 25-year-old cold case murder, a gang-related drug deal gone horribly wrong. Attorney Talon Winter agrees to take the case, but the one question she needs answered is the one question Michael refuses to answer: Did he do it?


Their Fatal Secrets
Mystery by Janice Frost
Janice Frost Their Fatal Secrets FREE with
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Two students coming home from a drunken night out find a young woman’s body in the river. Hours later, a second young woman’s body is discovered on another stretch of the same river.


Historical Thriller by Elli Buchanan
Elli Buchanan Re-Runners amazon bargain ebooks
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If you had the chance to go back and relive the last 25 years of your life, retaining all the knowledge and memories you have now; what would you do?


A Killing Truth
Thriller by DV Berkom
DV Berkom A Killing Truth amazon bargain ebooks
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Leine Basso eliminates terrorists for a living. After a routine assassination almost gets her killed, she chalks it up to a fluke. Her lover and fellow assassin, Carlos, has another idea altogether. He thinks their boss is setting them up for a fall.


Daily Underdog
Action Thriller by Holly Kelly
Holly Kelly Rising
amazon bargain ebooks
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In a war between the humans and the inhabitants of the sea—humans will lose. Xanthus Dimitriou—the most lethal Dagonian to rise from the ocean—is on a mission to save mankind from annihilation. But first there’s one small thing he needs to do… kill a beautiful young woman in a wheelchair.


New Release
Through the Abyssal Gates
Horror Anthology by Brian J.W. Lee
Brian J.W. Lee Through the Abyssal Gates bargain ebooks
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You stand before a series of dark portals, each of which will take you to a reality worse than the next. A ghost in a Batam boarding house. A futuristic island-city crammed with tens of millions. A world filled with deadly monsters and ancient artefacts. A neighbour with secrets hidden in barrels and strange manners. And many more…


New Release
Single Dad’s Christmas Present
Romance by Amy Brent
Amy Brent Single Dad's Christmas Present FREE with
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Just one month, right?  What harm could this possibly do? I am supposed to live with Gage for some time, and he’s supposed to protect me. What he doesn’t know is that I am falling for him.