Betty’s Bargain eBooks for Sunday, March 3rd

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Fierce Pride
Paranormal Romance by Victoria H. Smith
amazon bargain ebooks Fierce PrideParanormal Romance by Victoria Smith
The Panthera (pan · ther· a): noun. a lost island nation with the power of the panther.
Pantheress or “she-panthera”: noun. a female panthera, vulnerable in numbers yet powerful.
Dr. Shanora Renee Dalton: human–she thinks. the one they’re looking for… the strongest of them all.


YA Fantasy by Zara Quentin
amazon bargain ebooks Airwoman YA Fantasy by Zara Quentin
Save $0.99
A father murdered by magic. A daughter’s quest for clues could make her the next victim. Jade dreams of a new calling. While she wishes she could join the force that protects her home world from interdimensional threats, she’s stuck working for the family business. But everything changes when her father is found with traces of magic on him… magic that should only belong to the mythical Dragon-Gods…


Beginnings: Five Heroic Fantasy Adventure Novels
Fantasy Adventure by Lindsay Buroker
bargain ebooks Beginnings: Five Heroic Fantasy Adventure Novels Fantasy Adventure by Lindsay Buroker
When her island home is invaded by enemy soldiers, her family captured, and the town enslaved, Taylina must find a way to fight back and free her people. But their enemies have powerful warships, sorcerers, and dragons. Her simple people are no match. Her only hope is to venture onto the forbidden half of the island and seek the one individual powerful enough to battle their enemies.


Horror by Nerys Wheatley
amazon bargain ebooks MutationHorror by Nerys Wheatley
Save $0.99
The best person to fight the monsters is someone who’s been one. When a violent mob invades cop Alex MacCallum’s part of town, it’s just a typical night for him and the others living there. They expect to be feared and despised – they’re survivors of the virus that turns its victims into mindless flesh-eaters.


Reclamation: Murder at the Beach
Action/Adventure by Erosa Knowles
amazon bargain ebooks Reclamation: Murder at the BeachAction Adventure by Erosa Knowles
Save $0.99
What if someone you trusted for years stole your child? What would you do to get him back? Former SEAL Maximus Delgado cannot accept never seeing his son again and sets out to find his son, Kevin. With the help of fellow vets and team members, he leads his team across North Carolina and beyond to find Helen Grant, the older woman who manages to stay one step ahead of them.


Thirty Days
Erotic Romance by Bibi Paterson
amazon bargain ebooks Thirty DaysErotic Romance by Bibi Paterson
Set in London and Brighton, Thirty Days is a fabulously provocative romance series that gives you a very steamy love affair between a hot guy and an unsure heroine, baked goods and some rather unexpected twists and turns along the way.


Daily Underdog
Secrets, Spells & Murder
Cozy Mystery by Janni Nell
amazon bargain ebooks Secrets, Spells & MurderCozy Mystery by Janni Nell
Save $0.99
Trouble is brewing in the small town of Silver Moon Falls. Resident witch, Maddie Goodcharm, is accused of hexing the townsfolk. So not true! Maddie loves her town and its people, well, most of them anyway. When one of the townsfolk dies in suspicious circumstances, Maddie becomes the main suspect in a murder investigation. .


New Release
The Witch of Babylon
Historical Thriller by D. J. McIntosh
amazon bargain ebooks The Witch of BabylonHistorical Fiction Thriller by D. J. McIntosh
John Madison was raised by his older brother Samuel, a famed Mesopotamian scholar. John’s world changes forever when Samuel’s relentless obsession with the recovery of a priceless relic looted from Iraq’s National Museum collides with a deadly game of revenge staged by a childhood friend.


New Release
Five Light-Years to the Firesnake
Science Fiction by Rayner Ye
bargain ebooks Five Light-Years to the Firesnake Science Fiction by Rayner Ye
Save $4.22
Aedre’s mum died two years ago. When her boyfriend breaks her heart, all she wants to do is escape her planet to start a new life elsewhere. Her only option is to travel five light-years to the planet Kuanja, to teach in its poorest geographical area, the Firesnake. Faced with corruption, slavery, and murder, can she become a saviour of slaves?