Betty’s Bargain eBooks for Saturday, October 1st

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A Panther Crosses Over
Historical Fiction by Sam Foster
amazon bargain ebooks A Panther Crosses Over Historical Fiction by Sam Foster Amazon Kindle
Save $4.00
Read book 1 in the American Trilogy series before book 2, Beardstown, publishes on Oct 4! A clash of civilizations, two powerful leaders, and a dramatic outcome that ripples through generations.
Behind the Veil
Paranormal Romance by E. J. Dawson
amazon bargain ebooks Behind the Veil Paranormal Romance by E. J. Dawson Free with
Amazon Kindle Unlimited
or $0.99
Save $3.00
Alasdair is desperate for psychic Letitia to save his niece from a ghost, but she says no, she won’t jeopardize her own sanity facing darkness again. Until she isn’t given a choice. With girls going missing, Letitia and Alasdair must work together to find out who or what is terrorizing 1920’s Los Angeles.
Murder in the Atchafalaya
Cozy Mystery by Jim Riley
Amazon Kindle

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Rakuten Kobo
Save $2.00
Author Riley does a first-rate job of steeping the reader in the milieu of South Louisiana and Cajun mores. From murders at mudbug fests to menacing mosquito swarms to monumentally malevolent snake pits, he puts the heat and humidly on every page. He’s also adept at weaving a spider-webbed plot that is both intricate and credible. There’s action, suspense, humor, and even a dash of romance. **Audiobook price is $7.49
Calloway Cove
Sweet, Small Town Beach Romance by Tia Souders
amazon bargain ebooks Calloway Cove Romance by Tia Souders Amazon Kindle
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Save $5.99
When the grief-stricken Andi Calloway loses her mother, she leaves her with one final wish: Stay in her hometown Bayshore Beach and pursue her dream of becoming a published author. So when Andi gets a job working for the famous novelist Ford Delaney, she thinks it’s fate. Sparks soon fly. But falling for him just might ruin her dreams and break her mother’s final wish in the process.
Emily’s List
Young Adult/Teen Suspense Thriller by Sean Platt & David W. Wright
amazon bargain ebooks Emily's List Young Adult/Teen Suspense Thriller by Sean Platt & David W. Wright Amazon Kindle
Save $0.99
All Cora wants is a new start. But when your problems come back to haunt you, how far will you go to exorcise them? After the tragic loss of her horror writer father, Cora is starting over in a new town, at a new school where nobody knows her. Nobody knows about her OCD tics. Nobody knows about her time in a mental hospital. Nobody knows she sees her father’s ghost.
Historical Adventure by Thomas Hoover
amazon bargain ebooks Caribbee Historical Adventure by Thomas Hoover Amazon Kindle
Save $0.99
Barbados and Jamaica 1648. The lush and deadly Caribbean paradise, domain of rebels and slaveholders, of bawds and buccaneers. Colonists fight a wishful war for freedom against England.
The Elgin Deceptions
Sci-Fi Mystery by Jeffrey A. Ballard
amazon bargain ebooks The Elgin Deceptions Mystery Sci-Fi by Jeffrey A. Ballard Amazon Kindle
Save $0.99
Almost a hundred years ago, a major terrestrial event reshaped the earth’s coastlines. Goodbye entire cities. Goodbye entire states. Goodbye entire countries. And when the authorities outlawed salvaging from these sunken sites, why say hello to a new breed of criminal: underwater reclamation specialists. Even a hundred years later, there’s still a whole lot of loot for the reclaiming.
A Slave to the Fantasy
Erotic Romance by Rebecca Lee
amazon bargain ebooks A Slave to the Fantasy Erotic Romance by Rebecca Lee Amazon Kindle
Save $0.99
Handsome and successful with the world at his feet, Samuel Roberts can’t let go of his obsession for a beautiful woman. His deepest insecurities and fears come alive again in a seemingly chance reunion with the mysterious Tanya Carasco. To the world and his rabid fan base, dating expert Samuel Roberts has it all: looks, success, money, and fame.
Daily Underdog
Olympus Rising
Dark Fantasy by Robert G. Culp
amazon bargain ebooks Olympus Rising Dark Fantasy by Robert G. Culp Amazon Kindle
Save $0.99
The Twilight of the Gods is nearing….and the fate of all rests with one teen. But is he ready to accept his true calling? Arnold’s struggling in life. His mother is bedridden, and their funds are running low. But his life will never be the same, after two powerful demigod warriors come to his rescue.
New Release
The Ghosts of Marsh House
Horror by Amy Cross
amazon bargain ebooks The Ghosts of Marsh Horror by Amy Cross Amazon Kindle
Marsh House stands abandoned in the heart of an English seaside town. A local ghost tour guide regularly stops in front of the house to tell its grim tale, but no-one has actually set foot in the building for more than forty years. Until now.