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The Lost Soul (Enchena #1)
Epic Fantasy by K.S. Marsden
bargain ebooks The Lost Soul (Enchena #1)Epic Fantasy by K S Marsden Free with

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Through war and betrayal, King Hrafn’s reign has spread across the land. The rebellion is stirring again… Natural enemies must come together, to overcome the curse; and two innocent people must be brought from another world. One will bring the rebellion the way to succeed; the other will be their destruction.


Good Luck Charm
Romance by Weston Parker
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All I need is for this woman to bend to my will. But she ain’t having it. I can see more zeroes in my paycheck than ever before. I’m all in, but it seems that no amount of charm will seal the deal. This beautiful vixen has stolen my heart.


Deadly Secrets: A Mapleton Mystery
Mystery by Terry Odell
amazon bargain ebooks Deadly Secrets: A Mapleton MysteryMystery by Terry Odell
Save $3.99
Mapleton’s, police chief, Gordon, would rather be on the streets than behind a desk dealing with the town council, but he promised his late mentor he’d accept the position. And to Gordon, a promise is a promise, even if the person you made it to isn’t around anymore. However, doubts creep in, and he wonders if he was shoved into the job because his mentor thought he couldn’t cut it on the streets.


His First His Second
Thriller by A. D. Davies
amazon bargain ebooks His First His SecondThriller by A. D. Davies
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Meet Detective Sergeant Alicia Friend. She’s nice. Too nice to be a police officer, if she’s honest. Now the annoyingly-perky detective finds herself in the grip of a northern British winter, investigating the kidnap-murders of two young women. When a third is taken, Alicia has less than a week to chip away the secrets of a high-society family, and uncover the killer’s objective.


YA Dystopian SciFi by Alexandra Moody
bargain ebooks Tainted YA Dystopian Science Fiction by Alexandra Moody amazon bargain ebooks The Watchers of EdenScience Fiction Adventure by T.C. Edge
Save $0.99
Elle Winters lost everything when the day of impact transformed Earth’s surface into an icy, desolate wasteland. All she has ever known are the artificial confines of underground fallout shelter, the ARC. Under the Council’s rule, ruthless officials roam the hallways, community comes first and everyone lives in fear of failing their annual testing. With one simple blood test you could be taken away.


What Happened to the Corbetts
Historical Adventure by Nevil Shute
amazon bargain ebooks What Happened to the CorbettsHistorical Fiction Adventure by Nevil Shute
Set in 1938, this novel tells the story of the Corbetts, a family preparing for the coming war. As the world begins to collapse around them, Peter Corbett, a local lawyer, his wife, Joan, and their children make the decision to move away from the war zone after their house, and Corbett’s offices, are destroyed.


The Mail-Order Bride Carries a Gun
Western Romance by Wanda Ann Thomas
amazon bargain ebooks The Mail-Order Bride Carries a GunWestern Romance by Wanda Ann Thomas amazon bargain ebooks The Watchers of EdenScience Fiction Adventure by T.C. Edge
Save $0.99
Ella Hunter never thought she’d be a mail-order bride. But when she sees a photo in the Marriage Gazette of the man she believes killed her brother, Ella agrees to marry the Civil War soldier turned cowboy. Prepared to confront a cold-hearted killer then return home, she finds all her expectations dashed when her intended husband appears to be a good man.


The X-Club: A Krinar Exposé Prologue
Erotic Romance by Anna Zaires
amazon bargain ebooks The X-Club: A Krinar Exposé PrologueErotic Romance by Anna Zaires

Save $3.99
Amy Myers is tired of writing fluff. She wants to work on serious assignments—and what better way to prove herself than to uncover something new about the mysterious Krinar, the aliens who took over the Earth just two years earlier? But when she meets Vair, the dark and sexy owner of a Manhattan x-club, she may get more than she bargained for…


Daily Underdog
From the Nightly Shore
Young Adult/Teen by Charles Buechele
amazon bargain ebooks From the Nightly ShoreYA/Teen by Charles Cuechele amazon bargain ebooks The Watchers of EdenScience Fiction Adventure by T.C. Edge
Save $0.99
No one has ever gotten close enough to discover the secrets of Corbin White’s troubling past. Not until he finds a group of other teens hiding supernatural abilities. They teach him how to see and manipulate the Rudin, the uncharted world of unseen energy, and how to fend off the terrifying beings that live there.


New Release
Monkeys & Typewriters
Horror by Logan Lafferty
amazon bargain ebooks Monkeys & TypewritersHorror by Logan Lafferty
A night on the town for a struggling couple goes horribly wrong. A town fixture is not what he seems. Sometimes a fishing trip is more than that. “Monkeys & Typewriters” is what happens when the primates are let loose in a room of infinity.