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No Perfect Fate
Romance by Jackie Weger
Jackie Weger No Perfect Fate amazon bargain ebooks
Save $3.99
Cleo Anderson’s people skills are hesitant. Alone is good—until one heat-drenched morning a man caroms into her and changes her life forever.  Falling in love with a total stranger isn’t easy in Big Mama Freeman’s fish camp where gators yawn, bears slumber and snakes slither, but Cleo might manage to do just that.


Creatus: They Exist
Paranormal Romance by Carmen DeSousa
Carmen DeSousa paranormal romance amazon bargain ebooks
Save $5.99
Derrick is one of the creatus, created beings who have lived on the earth for more than four thousand years. In the past, they kept the human race safe from an anonymous distance. But now Derrick must come out of the darkness to save a woman he has no business loving, even if doing so may threaten his entire race.


Ruse & Romance
Historical Romance by Suzanne G. Rogers
Suzanne G. Rogers Ruse and Romance FREE with
bargain ebooks

or $0.99
Save $2.00
Unjustly labeled a flirt, Kitty Beaucroft is in need of a fiancé. Lord Philip Butler’s father wants him to settle down before he can become a landowner. With no intention of following through, Kitty and Philip enter into a temporary engagement as a means to an end. Unfortunately, someone knows the truth and is determined to expose them.


The Amulet
Supernatural Comedy Romance by Effrosyni Moschoudi
The Amulet FREE with
bargain ebooks

or $0.99
Save $2.00
Katie hates her dreary office job in Athens. Just a she wishes for an island escape to start anew, her half-mad boss fires her, and then, a gypsy woman hands her an amulet for good luck. Before she knows it, she lands a job as hotel receptionist on the island of Sifnos, but Katie soon learns things are not what they seem at the small, family hotel.


The Egg Basket
Contemporary Women’s Romance by Cait London
Cait London The Egg Basket amazon bargain ebooks
Save $4.00
Terrified and on the run, ex-socialite Lynn Wallberg finds safety for her young son in Missouri’s Ozarks. Suddenly, she owns a farm and for the first time in her life, Lynn is strong and independent. Then, awakened by Josh Elliott, Nora’s bad-boy son, Lynn’s fierce Other Woman—the woman’s whose needs were denied long ago—is set on a course of sensual discovery.


Only Twenty-Five
Clean Romance by Jennifer McCoy Blaske
Jennifer McCoy Blaske Only Twenty-Five amazon bargain ebooks
Save $2.99
Music teacher Meg Caldwell knew it would be difficult starting over in a new town, but she knows she has to meet people if she ever wants to find love. The problem? Meg is losing her hair and it isn’t growing back. How can a girl have any kind of social life with a growing bald spot? Josh Harrter is drawn to the pretty new music teacher, but he can sense she is hiding something…


The Job Blower
Comedy Romance by Melinda De Ross
Melinda De Ross The Jobs Blower amazon bargain ebooks
Save $2.00
Camilla Jackson is an ordinary young woman with an extraordinary knack for attracting disaster. When she is fired from her job as a secretary at a law firm, she realizes she has no idea what she wants to do next. But when she meets the drop-dead-gorgeous journalist, Carter Evans, her life seems to brighten. Until she discovers that he hides some very deep and painful scars.


This Piece of My Soul
Sports Romance by Robyn M. Ryan
Robyn M. Ryan This Piece of my Soul amazon bargain ebooks
One of pro-hockey’s golden couples, Andrew and Caryn Chadwick live in the limelight reserved for elite professional athletes. On their second anniversary, Andrew receives an unexpected contract offer to join the Tampa Suns. As they look forward to a new adventure, neither foresees an event that challenges their love and threatens their marriage.


Witch at Heart
Urban Fantasy Mystery by Juliette Harper
bargain ebooks Witch at Heart Urban Fantasy Mystery by Juliette Harper amazon bargain ebooks
Save $0.99
Magic begins in the heart. Jinx Hamilton is ready to trade in waitressing for becoming her own boss. The shop she inherits from her eccentric aunt in Briar Hollow, North Carolina seems like the perfect fit. As Jinx handles the enchanted inventory and the unruly clientele, she discovers her aunt also willed her magical powers without an instruction manual!


Collapse: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller
SciFi Thriller by Kyle Danvers
bargain ebooks Collapse: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller SciFi Thriller by Kyle Danvers Free with
bargain ebooks
or $2.99
A catastrophic EMP. A world on the brink. A desperate man searching for his family. Follow Joel’s struggle to survive and reunite with his family in this post-apocalyptic thrill-a-minute ride.


Tier Zero
Action/Adventure by Henry Brown
bargain ebooks Tier Zero Action/Adventure by Henry Brown amazon bargain ebooks
Tommy Scarred Wolf thought he had smelled the powder for the last time ten years ago. Then somebody messed with his family. With no government willing or able to help out, it’s up to Tommy and his detective brother, Vince, to find Vince’s kidnapped daughter halfway around the world. But rescuing her is going to take funding, firepower, and friends.


The Moon Dwellers
Young Adult/Teen Thriller by David Estes
bargain ebooks The Moon Dwellers Young Adult/Teen Thriller by David Estes amazon bargain ebooks
Save $0.99
To escape destruction decades earlier, humankind was forced underground, creating a new society called the Tri-Realms. After her parents and sister are abducted by the Enforcers, seventeen-year-old Adele, a member of the middle-class moon dwellers, is unjustly sentenced to life in prison for her parents’ crimes of treason. Against all odds, Adele must escape from the Pen and find her family. 


Temptation (Club X #1)
Erotic Romance by K.M. Scott
bargain ebooks Temptation (Club X #1) Erotic Romance by K.M. Scott amazon bargain ebooks
Save $4.99
Cassian March, the public face of Club X, has a great life. Women, sex, and money are his for the taking, and no man indulges his desires more. Life is short, and he plays hard. Olivia Lucas needs a job, and if it means working at a club that specializes in making members’ wildest fantasies come true, then so be it. A girl’s got to pay the rent, right? She never expected to fall for her boss.


Daily Underdog
When a Gargoyle Awakens
Horror by E A Price
bargain ebooks When a Gargoyle Awakens Horror by E A Price amazon bargain ebooks
Kylie Summers was an ordinary woman. Cheating ex-fiancé, job she hated, no love life to speak of… But after a drunken encounter with a stone statue, she suddenly finds herself with a gargoyle houseguest called Luc and a mission to free all gargoyles from a fate worse than death.


New Release
Wait for Me
Military Romance by Phoebe Winters
bargain ebooks Wait for Me Military Romance by Phoebe Winters FREE with
bargain ebooks

or $0.99
Save $2.00
Caleb only had one thing on his mind when he entered Nocturnal Encounters. He wants to see Erin, the one that got away. There was just one problem, Caleb made the horrible mistake of breaking her heart and he intended to rectify that no matter the cost. 


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