Betty’s Bargain eBooks for Saturday, January 25th

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Kelly’s Koffee Shop
Cozy Mystery by Dianne Harman

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Her goddaughter’s life seemed perfect. It wasn’t. This is the first book in the Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series by a two-time USA Today Bestselling Author. The residents of Cedar Bay come to Kelly’s Koffee Shop for breakfast, lunch, and lots of gossip. Kelly serves it all up as she works to solve the murder of the high school Homecoming Queen, her goddaughter.


The Billionaire’s Marriage Bargain
Clean and Wholesome Romance by Melody Archer

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Billionaire Adam Stevenson, must marry in 30 days to receive his inheritance. With his heart firmly caged in and with no intention of being tied down longer than a year, Adam proposes a marriage in name only to the girl-next-door. Elle is desperate to save her dad’s ranch from foreclosure. She has 3 weeks to do it. When Adam asks her to be his fake wife, she agrees with certain conditions…


Wolf Head
Dark Fantasy Horror by Gregory Stewart
amazon bargain ebooks Wolf Head Dark Fantasy/Horror by Gregory Stewart

Save $2.99

Sal Welles. a determined and fearless police detective is looking for a killer. But her world is about to be torn apart. An attempt on her life leads her to uncover a disturbing and terrifying truth about the man she’s been looking for and find out that she’s not the only one looking for him.


Science Fiction by Matt Verish
amazon bargain ebooks Icarus Science Fiction by Matt Verish
Save $0.99
When a high-profile delivery is compromised aboard a state-of-the-art cargo vessel, the newly appointed captain finds himself embroiled in an assignment far above his pay grade. Blackmail, terrorists, a malfunctioning prototype A.I. pilot, and a sinister terraforming corporation with deep criminal ties await him. Who knew delivering cargo to the deep recesses of space could be so dangerous?


Survival Story: A Girl and Her Dog’s Tale
Action Thriller by Marita Balto
amazon bargain ebooks Survival Story: A Girl and Her Dog's Tale Action Thriller by Marita Balto
Save $0.99

15-year-old Emma Hanson runs away from her home after having another blow out with her mother. With the help of her brave dog, she finds her way to the Marina on Kangaroo Island – South Australia, where she hides out on her father’s sailboat until things cool down at home.


Mark of the Loon
Historical Fiction by Molly Greene
amazon bargain ebooks Mark of the Loon Historical Fiction by Molly Greene
Save $2.99

Madison Boone is keen to buy a fabulous stone cottage in the country and she nixes her budding relationship with Coleman Welles to do it. But once the renovation begins, the property’s long-buried secret threatens to derail her dream. Can her friends help solve the mystery?


Daily Underdog
Turning Grace
Young Adult/Teen by J.Q. Davis
amazon bargain ebooks Turning Grace Young Adult/Teen by J.Q. Davis
Save $3.99
Grace is an average teenage girl with an average teenage life—quirky best friend, good grades, a crush on the popular jock at school—who has recently noticed some not-so-average changes. She wakes up in the morning with bags under her eyes, lifeless hair, and a hunger like she’s never had before.


New Release
To Be Cherished
Erotic Romance by Robbie Cox
amazon bargain ebooks To Be Cherished Erotic Romance by Robbie Cox
Cherish Lansky watched as her husband stormed out the door, bags in hand. With her infidelity exposed, she couldn’t blame him. Her cravings for a past that ruined her life once just ruined her family, and it was all her fault. She needed to fix her marriage, but did that mean denying a part of herself?