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The Impossible Creation
YA Paranormal Fantasy by Betsy Flak
Betsy Flak free Kindle ebooks

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Devastated by grief, Lucy fled from her supernatural birthright as a vampire hunter. Now she pretends to be a normal college student. She hides her superpowers from everyone except her best friend–who happens to be a witch. But when a vampire enters her town and targets an innocent high school girl, Lucy must hunt again.


Cassie Pengear Mysteries Books 1-3
Cozy Mystery by L.A. Nisula
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The first three Cassie Pengear Mysteries in one volume.  In a steampunk London that almost existed, where tinkerers and clockwork devices exist alongside handsome cabs and corsets, murder is still solved by traditional observation and intuition. This is where American typist Cassandra Pengear finds herself stumbling over corpses and helping Scotland Yard detectives solve murders.


Wild & Sweet
Romance by Rhenna Morgan
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Zeke Dugan is not a man who walks the straight and narrow. He may have sworn an oath as a trauma doc, but he has zero problem leveraging his medical skills outside a hospital if it means giving his family an advantage. Blood before business. But all that changes when shy Gabrielle stumbles into his life.


Gypsy Hunted
Supernatural Thriller by Andrea Drew
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Magic can be murder… Reluctant psychic Gypsy Shields (she prefers the term “intuition consultant”) must find a way to user her gifts to track down a killer from her hospital bed, and in the process, prevent her own murder.


Alien Abduction
Science Fiction by Terry Compton
Terry Compton Alien Abduction free Kindle ebooks amazon bargain ebooks
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Kidnapped with no hope of rescue, three unlikely friends take their future into their own hands.


Through the Fury to the Dawn
Science Fiction by Stu Jones
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On a cool April morning, the civilized world crumbles in the wake of worldwide chemical attacks and nuclear destruction. Kane, a bitter agnostic, is torn to his foundation by the realization that the God of the universe has preserved him for a reason.


The Silk Train Murder
Historical Mystery by Sharon Rowse
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In 1899, John Granville guards $1M Silk Trains—until a thief is murdered. And his best friend is arrested. Can Granville find the real killer in time?


Action Thriller by David Graham
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A brutal conflict unleashed. Who stands to win? A bloody massacre at a Mexican heroin refinery; a Miami-bound freight ship hijacked for its cargo of illegal narcotics; the ruthless assassination of a Kosovar drug lord – a war has erupted between two drugs superpowers.


Daily Underdog
The Legend of the Silver Skinner
Action Adventure by John Mowbray
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Blood and anguish are forced upon a young fisherman, as he finds himself travelling with the most infamous band of pirates the world has ever known.


New Release
Paranormal Romance by Ophelia Sexton
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Bear shifter Ash Swanson must fight a brutal grizzly clan to protect curvy, lovely Nika. When he learns she carries his secret baby, he vows to keep them safe and prove she’s his fated mate.


New Release
Romance by Aria Ford
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I know I can’t have Lindsay. She’s practically family. She’s also a client. I’m training her for the Olympics, not for my bed. They say I’m the toughest swimming trainer out there. I’m not afraid to push hard—that’s why my clients win. When Lindsay’s trainer moves away, I couldn’t let her down. I stepped in and took over. I never stopped to think what a bad idea that was.