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Mary Mills Mystery Series Books 1-3
Mystery by Willow Rose
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Save $9.99
Am I pretty? Imagine being asked that question standing face to face with a killer. What would you answer? Get three mystery novels from multi-million bestselling author WILLOW ROSE for FREE a limited time. It’s fast-paced, engulfing thrillers, but also an emotionally charged series about strong friendships and never giving up on each other, no matter what. You will never guess the ending!


Watchers of the Night
YA Thriller by Matthew Keith

Save $4.99

When a government intelligence agency learns that high school senior Paul Bennett can walk the night in his dreams, they ask him to join their ranks. Paul is thrilled – at first – but the agency is under siege from within, and Paul soon finds himself the focal point in the battle for its control.


Madeline Missing
Cozy Mystery by Mike Faricy
cozy mystery

Save $3.99

Hang onto your seats! Talk about twists and turns! US Marshal Jack Dillon, assigned to An Garda Síochána, Special Branch is searching for a missing American student, hoping she just took off to see Paris or Rome. But deep down, he knows . . .


A Marvell Country Christmas
Romance by Jeannie Watt

Save $3.99
Murphy Anderson is coming home for Christmas… and as soon as she arrives, she’s putting the family ranch on the market. Growing up on the hardscrabble property next door to the prosperous Marvell Ranch, left her with no love for ranching, or her handsome neighbors—especially Cody Marvell, who always rubbed her the wrong way. And maybe that’s why, when Cody shows an interest in the ranch, she hesitates to sell.


Huntress Found
Fantasy by A.A. Chamberlynn

Save $3.99
Evryn’s got mad skills at playing hide and seek. She can find lost children, hack the most secure databases, pretty much anything. Except for the one thing she desires most: the knowledge of who her parents are, why they abandoned her, and what her special talent means about who and what she really is.


Apocalyptic Science Fiction by Michael J. Totton

Save $2.99
Annie Starling is missing her memory of the last eight weeks–the most devastating in history. It started in Russia and went global in a matter of days, the most virulent virus the world has ever known. It’s stripping its victims of every last thing that makes them human. And that’s just the beginning. The other survivors are no less dangerous than the infected.


Romantic Suspense by Stephanie St. Klaire

Dawson can’t shake the feeling that they are being watched and soon learns their small town has a fatal secret when it becomes clear Sam’s car crash was no accident — someone is trying to kill her…


Daily Underdog
The Core
YA Fantasy by Kate Thomas

It started as a simply infatuation. Dark hair, deep green eyes and a dominance about him that left everyone paying attention, but that was only the beginning. Things got off track the moment I let myself look beyond what I could truly see and explain. Thus began the unfolding of Equilibrium.


New Release
The Virgin Gift
Erotic Romance by Lauren Blakely
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I might still carry my V-card, but I know exactly what I want in a man. Smart, charming and oh-so-skilled. Too bad I haven’t found him yet. But maybe he’s found me. Because when my charming, laid-back, next-door neighbor discovers a secret list I keep, he volunteers to work through every single item on it. Including the last one — at the end, we walk away and stay friends. I say yes to his offer, and that’s when I discover another side to him.


New Release
Snow Creek
Thriller by Gregg Olsen

When Ruth Turner walks into the Sheriff’s office in Jefferson County’s Port Townsend claiming her sister Ida Watson has been missing for over a month, Detective Megan Carpenter’s instincts tell her that she needs to do more than just file a report.