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Blood Seduction: A Vampire Romance
Paranormal Romance by Anna Rainn
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Running from a dark past, Lenore falls into the arms of a mysterious stranger. Everything about Richard screams danger. But the cold hands and sharp fangs come with the one thing Lenore cannot refuse: a way out. Seduced into a sinful world of dark desire and lurking danger, Lenore has a decision to make between her past and her present. And everything has a price.


Tender Enemies
 Historical Romance by S. R. Mallery
bargain ebooks Tender Enemies  Historical Romance by S. R. Mallery Free with

Most books about Nazis take place in Europe. Of course, that’s a given. But not Tender Enemies… It’s 1941 New York City and Nazis are alive and well. Problem is, when Lily sets up a spy “Honey Trap” for Joe Schmidt, a man who supposedly is a threat to Democracy, she faces truly great danger––of falling in love with him.


Rumors of Glory
Science Fiction by Dietmar Wehr
amazon bargain ebooks Rumors of Glory Science Fiction by Dietmar Wehr
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Humanity has colonized over 500 planets under the not always benevolent administration of the Federation of Planetary States via the FED Army and Navy. Long standing grievances over economic exploitation by Earth-based companies has grown into a full scale rebellion and attempted secession by many of the more successful colonies. The Rebels believe a peaceful separation is possible.


Come What May
Action Mystery by Larry Darter
amazon bargain ebooks Come What May Action Adventure Mystery by Larry Darter
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Ben Malone is a veteran Los Angeles Police detective with a bright future ahead of him. Or so he thought until he is caught up in a run of bad luck and his life starts falling apart. The worst of it, his unfortunate entanglement in a spate of fatal on-duty shootings at a time when activists are protesting the use of deadly force by police and rioting all over the country.


No Shelter
Thriller by Robert Swartwood
amazon bargain ebooks No Shelter Thriller by Robert Swartwood
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Holly Lin is living two lives. To her friends and family, she’s a pleasant, hardworking nanny. To her boss and colleagues, she’s one of the best non-sanctioned government assassins in the world.


Ferdie and the Seven, book one
Young Adult/Teen Fantasy by Larry Buenafe
amazon bargain ebooks Ferdie and the Seven, book one Young Adult/Teen Fantasy by Larry Buenafe
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What is he hiding? How about this: angels and demons are real. He knows some of them. If he spoke of them, he would be thought of as crazy… and maybe he is. Here’s another secret: he is one of The Seven, a group of humans gifted with supernatural abilities. His tragic life has formed him, sharpened him, while still in middle school in Bakersfield, California.


A Hard Lesson
Erotic Romance by Marata Eros
amazon bargain ebooks A Hard Lesson Erotic Romance by Marata Eros
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Dara is a cougar on the prowl . When circumstances present themselves, she takes advantage in every way possible. Best friend Zoe gets wind of the fun, and the pair experience sexual fantasies of epic proportions.


Daily Underdog
Snatchers: Volume One
Horror by Shaun Whittington
amazon bargain ebooks Snatchers: Volume One  Horror by Shaun Whittington
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Snatchers is a horror which sees the slow destruction of mankind due to an unknown virus that is sweeping the UK, possibly the world. This novel tells the story of characters trying to survive and coming to terms with the ‘new world.’ The story focuses on a variety of individuals, including Nurse Karen Bradley, Jack Slade, who is searching for his son, and prison officers and inmates.


New Release
My Girl
Contemporary Romance by Jacquie Biggar
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Aaron Shaughnessy faces a ghost from his past when ex-girlfriend Trish Sylvester books a holiday on his family’s guest ranch. Trish hopes her time on the Shaughnessy ranch will bring a reconciliation with Aaron after their bitter breakup a year earlier. Will old feelings resurface and give two lovers a second chance?