Betty’s Bargain eBooks for Friday, October 13th

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Cause to Run
Mystery by Blake Pierce
Blake Pierce Cause to Run free Kindle ebooks

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A new serial killer is stalking Boston, killing his victims in bizarre ways, taunting the police with mysterious puzzles that reference the stars. As the stakes are upped and the pressure is on, the Boston Police Department is forced to call in its most brilliant—and most controversial—homicide detective: Avery Black.


I Only Have Eyes for You
Romance by Bella Andre
Bella Andre I Only Have Eyes for You free Kindle ebooks amazon bargain ebooks
Save $4.99
Sophie Sullivan was five years old when she fell head over heels in love with Jake McCann. Twenty years later, she’s convinced the notorious bad boy still sees her as the “nice” Sullivan twin. But when they both get caught up in the magic of the first Sullivan wedding, she knows it’s long past time to do whatever it takes…


Alice’s Shameless Spinster’s Society
Regency Romance by Charlotte Stone
Charlotte Stone Alice's Shameless Spinster's Society free Kindle ebooks FREE with
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or $0.99
Miss Alice Wilkin has had her heart broken and declares herself done with men…But she never expected to fall for a notorious rake.


Dear Neighbor
Romance by River Laurent
River Laurent Dear Neighbor free Kindle ebooks FREE with
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Here I am. One of only two residents left in an entire building block in Lower Manhattan. A developer has managed to buy out everyone else except me and the manwhore in the apartment next door. On the day I find out my boyfriend is a worthless, low-life cheating jerk, I get too drunk and manage to lock myself out of my apartment…


SciFi Thriller by Ryan Schow
Ryan Schow Vannie free Kindle ebooks amazon bargain ebooks
Save $2.99
A damaged girl stalked through time. Two assassins on a mission from the future: one a psychic, another a swordsman—both lethal as hell. If you could manipulate the laws of time and physics, could you stop an eight hundred year old terrorist before she becomes self-aware?


Arianna Rose Boxed Set
Young Adult Science Fiction by Jennifer Martucci
Jennifer Martucci Arianna Rose free Kindle ebooks

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Arianna Rose was never like other girls her age. She always knew she was different. But shortly after moving to a new town and starting a new school, she realizes her differences are far greater than she originally imagined. 


Daily Underdog
The Gifting
Young Adult Fantasy by Nick K.E. Ganshert
K.E. Ganshert The Gifting free Kindle ebooks
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Save $3.99
In a world where nothing supernatural exists, Tess Eckhart is positive she’s going crazy. After her complete freakout at a high school party, her family is too. So much that they pack their bags and move across the country, next to a nationally-renowned facility for the mentally ill.


New Release
Fantasy Adventure by Jon Negroni
Jon Negroni Killerjoy free Kindle ebooks amazon bargain ebooks
Save $4.00
Vast cities. Ruined kingdoms. And superheroes-for-hire. As new threats of dangerous monsters and desperate armies creep the horizon, unlikely heroe rise. Exa, who can walk through walls, and a young, troubled man named Attle, who gets recruited by a society of masked rogues. Their plan? To oppose the lords at any cost and save the dominion.


New Release
The Torchbearer
Psychological Thriller by J.D. Matheny
The Torchbearer J.D. Matheny free Kindle ebooks FREE with
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Save $2.00
Story follows main character with PTSD. While vacationing on Fiji, he visits a remote island with two others. After a violent confrontation he flees into the interior of the island where he confronts dark spirits. His dilemma is whether the spirits are real or in his head. Eventually he confronts the central antagonist of the story – The Torchbearer – who is an old Fijiian god.


New Release
Doomsday Hand
Thriller by Edita A. Petrick
Edita A. Petrick Doomsday Hand free Kindle ebooks amazon bargain ebooks
Save $2.00
The receipt of an ancient parchment with an imprint of black-hand is only the beginning of something more terrible than Carter and Stella ever imagined. As Carter attempts to figure out the meaning of the strange parchment, he is thrust into a bizarre plot involving a billionaire’s child bride, a Scotland Yard Inspector, an eccentric academic, various thugs and his murdered friend’s adopted child..