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Serpent’s Return
Urban Fantasy by T.L. Heinrich
bargain ebooks Serpent's Return Cozy Mystery by T.L Heinrich Free with
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For heroes, love is a liability. Find her aunts killer. Become a powerful vigilante. Release a supervillain on the unsuspecting populace. Fall in love with her childhood best friend… yeah those last two definitely weren’t part of the plan. But in a city of masks, nothing is as it seems. Not love. Not vengeance. And Alice is about to learn that lesson the hard way.
War Girl Lotte
Coming of Age Historical Fiction by Marion Kummerow
bargain ebooks War Girl Lotte Coming of Age Historical Fiction by Marion Kummerow Amazon Kindle
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In this extraordinary book, USA Today Bestselling author Marion Kummerow weaves a story of strength, heartbreak, and coming of age in the Third Reich. 17-year-old Lotte is headstrong and stubborn, impulsive and outspoken, and an avowed enemy to injustice. In Nazi Germany, this can cost you your life.
Due North
Mystery by Melanie Jackson
due north mystery by melanie jackson
Amazon Kindle
Save $2.00
Welcome to the Gulch… funny things happen in the middle of nowhere.  Butterscotch Jones thought that living in the far north provided enough peril to contend with until a private plane crashed outside her hometown of McIntyre’s Gulch, Manitoba, Canada. The treasure inside the plane soon attracted both the RCMP and the Russian Mafia.
Deep Steal
Thriller by Mike Seares
amazon bargain ebooks Deep Steal: Revenge goes deeper than you think Thriller by Mike Seares
Amazon Kindle
Save $3.95
Deep-sea salvage diver John McCready is desperate for redemption. Devastated when his brother dies as they recover lost Russian gold from the wreck of a German U-boat, he’s incensed when his boss publicly blames him for the disaster. But when an informant’s last breath implicates the ruthless exec as the person responsible, McCready swears revenge.
Scattered, Smothered and Chunked
Horror by John G. Hartness
amazon bargain ebooks Scattered, Smothered and Chunked Horror by John G. Hartness Amazon Kindle
Ten hilarious short stories and one origin novella about Robert “Bubba” Brabham, ex-Georgia Bulldogs football player and now the official Southeastern Regional Monster Hunter for the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Along with his best friend and tech guru Skeeter, Bubba hunts down zombies, werewolves, vampires, two-for-one lap dances, and beer specials all over the back roads and byways of the South.
Chains of Frost
Erotic Romance by T. A. Grey
amazon bargain ebooks Chains of Frost Erotic Romance by T. A. Grey
Amazon Kindle
Save 2.99
When a will from her dead father decrees spunky succubus Chloe into the protection of the renowned vampire commander, Tyrian en Kulev, she does what any succubus would do and casts a spell. But when that spell accidentally summons an ancient demon to kill her and her sisters, she knows only one place can keep her safe–Tyrian’s castle of death set in the frigid icy snows of Northern Europe.
Daily Underdog
The Time Doctors’ Chronicles
Science Fiction Adventure by J.E. Moore
amazon bargain ebooks The Time Doctors' Chronicles Science/Fiction Adventure by J.E. Moore Amazon Kindle
Save $0.99
Two doctor/scientists transport into the past in an attempt to correct anomalies in the outcomes of the American Revolution, the American Civil War and World War Two. Afterwards, they discover other time travelers have now created the Apocalypse and Armageddon. Unexpectedly, the doctors become trapped in a time line whereas either way they jump to escape would be self-destructive.
New Release
Knitted & Knifed
Cozy Mystery by Tracey Drew
amazon bargain ebooks Knitted & Knifed Cozy Mystery by Tracy Drew Amazon Kindle
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Save $3.00
Wanted: Cat Mum to manage a yarn store, corral two curious cats, all the while being tangled up in murderous mayhem and mystery. Tessa Wakefield has her hands full juggling a cozy yarn store and her nutty family. It’s lucky she can multi-task because she’s unravelling secrets that could kill.
New Release
Collide (Shades of Trouble Book 1)
Contemporary Romance by Kitty Cox
amazon bargain ebooks Collide Contemporary Romance by Kitty Cox Free with
Amazon Kindle Unlimited
or $2.99
Save $1.00
After coming home to revive her family legacy, Violet’s past and present collide. This town already broke her once. Now, her neighbors want to see her fail, her love life is out of control, and history is trying to repeat itself. This time, it’s not about her, but does Violet have what it takes to save what matters most?