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The Amulet
Supernatural Comedy Romance by Effrosyni Moschoudi
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Katie hates her dreary office job in Athens. Just a she wishes for an island escape to start anew, her half-mad boss fires her, and then, a gypsy woman hands her an amulet for good luck. Before she knows it, she lands a job as hotel receptionist on the island of Sifnos, but Katie soon learns things are not what they seem at the small, family hotel.


The Egg Basket
Contemporary Women’s Romance by Cait London
Cait London The Egg Basket amazon bargain ebooks
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Terrified and on the run, ex-socialite Lynn Wallberg finds safety for her young son in Missouri’s Ozarks. Suddenly, she owns a farm and for the first time in her life, Lynn is strong and independent. Then, awakened by Josh Elliott, Nora’s bad-boy son, Lynn’s fierce Other Woman—the woman’s whose needs were denied long ago—is set on a course of sensual discovery.


Only Twenty-Five
Clean Romance by Jennifer McCoy Blaske
Jennifer McCoy Blaske Only Twenty-Five amazon bargain ebooks
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Music teacher Meg Caldwell knew it would be difficult starting over in a new town, but she knows she has to meet people if she ever wants to find love. The problem? Meg is losing her hair and it isn’t growing back. How can a girl have any kind of social life with a growing bald spot? Josh Harrter is drawn to the pretty new music teacher, but he can sense she is hiding something…


The Job Blower
Comedy Romance by Melinda De Ross
Melinda De Ross The Jobs Blower amazon bargain ebooks
Save $2.00
Camilla Jackson is an ordinary young woman with an extraordinary knack for attracting disaster. When she is fired from her job as a secretary at a law firm, she realizes she has no idea what she wants to do next. But when she meets the drop-dead-gorgeous journalist, Carter Evans, her life seems to brighten. Until she discovers that he hides some very deep and painful scars.


This Piece of My Soul
Sports Romance by Robyn M. Ryan
Robyn M. Ryan This Piece of my Soul amazon bargain ebooks
One of pro-hockey’s golden couples, Andrew and Caryn Chadwick live in the limelight reserved for elite professional athletes. On their second anniversary, Andrew receives an unexpected contract offer to join the Tampa Suns. As they look forward to a new adventure, neither foresees an event that challenges their love and threatens their marriage.


No Perfect Fate
Romance by Jackie Weger
Jackie Weger No Perfect Fate amazon bargain ebooks
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Cleo Anderson’s people skills are hesitant. Alone is good—until one heat-drenched morning a man caroms into her and changes her life forever.  Falling in love with a total stranger isn’t easy in Big Mama Freeman’s fish camp where gators yawn, bears slumber and snakes slither, but Cleo might manage to do just that.


Creatus: They Exist
Paranormal Romance by Carmen DeSousa
Carmen DeSousa paranormal romance amazon bargain ebooks
Save $5.99
Derrick is one of the creatus, created beings who have lived on the earth for more than four thousand years. In the past, they kept the human race safe from an anonymous distance. But now Derrick must come out of the darkness to save a woman he has no business loving, even if doing so may threaten his entire race.


Ruse & Romance
Historical Romance by Suzanne G. Rogers
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Unjustly labeled a flirt, Kitty Beaucroft is in need of a fiancé. Lord Philip Butler’s father wants him to settle down before he can become a landowner. With no intention of following through, Kitty and Philip enter into a temporary engagement as a means to an end. Unfortunately, someone knows the truth and is determined to expose them.


Beyond the Forest
Fantasy by Kay L. Ling
bargain ebooks Beyond the Forest Fantasy by Kay L. Ling Free with
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After encountering a woodland gnome in the forest, Lana goes through a portal to their world, beginning an adventure that will change her life and theirs. “A bright fantasy for readers who are tired of exaggerated violence and slippery morals.” — Kirkus Reviews


Any Witch Way You Can
Fantasy Mystery by Amanda M. Lee
bargain ebooks Any Witch Way You Can  Mystery Fantasy by Amanda M. Lee Free with
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or $0.99
Bay Winchester is having a tough week. As the local editor of Hemlock Cove’s only newspaper, she just happens to be present when a body is found in an area corn maze. To make matters worse, the police believe the murder may have something to do with the occult.


Day Soldiers
Science Fiction Adventure by Brandon Hale
bargain ebooks Day Soldiers Science Fiction Adventure by Brandon Hale amazon bargain ebooks
Save $3.99
For ten years now, humanity has been at war with the creatures of darkness. The war has changed the world. The day now belongs to humanity and the night belongs to things once thought to exist only in myths and legends… but there is hope. This new enemy has united humanity and an army has stepped forward to protect the light from the darkness. An army of heroes. The Day Soldiers. 


The Visitor
Psychological Thriller by K.L. Slater
amazon bargain ebooks The Visitor Psychological Thriller by K.L. Slater amazon bargain ebooks
When Holly moves in to Baker Crescent, a quiet suburban street she causes quite a stir. Beautiful, talented, and friendly, it doesn’t take long for her to charm the other residents. But why has she left the bright lights of the big city behind and settled in with Cora, a lonely old lady who is delighted to offer her visitor a place to stay? 


Ten Years Gone
Historical Mystery by Jonathan Dunsky
bargain ebooks Ten Years Gone Historical Fiction by Jonathan Dunsky Free with
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or $0.99
Germany, 1939 – Henrietta Ackerland, a Jewish mother in Nazi Germany, makes a heart-rending decision. She gives her baby boy, Willie, to a friend who is fleeing Germany to Israel. Henrietta plans on following soon, but World War 2 breaks out, stranding her in Europe. Israel, 1949 – Henrietta finally makes it to Israel. She’s heard no word of Willie. The police won’t help her find him.


Erotic Romance by Evangeline Anderson
amazon bargain ebooks Claimed Erotic Romance by Evangeline Anderson amazon bargain ebooks
Save $0.99
The Kindred are huge alien warriors—a race of genetic traders whose population is ninety-five percent male. After saving Earth from the threat of invasion they demand a reward—the right to find brides among the population. The chances of being chosen are about the same as those of winning the lottery—guess it’s just Liv’s lucky day.


Daily Underdog
The Dragonlings and the Magic Four Leaf Clover
Fantasy Adventure by S.E. Smith
amazon bargain ebooks The Dragonlings And The Magic Four Leaf Clover Science Fiction Action Adventure by S.E. Smith amazon bargain ebooks
A campfire tale while on a camp-out with their dads has the dragonlings and their besties enchanted with a mythical kingdom called Glitter, home of the magical and mischievous Great King Leprechaun and the Little People. When the younglings discover their dads have disappeared, they are certain King Leprechaun is responsible.


New Release
YA Fantasy/Horror by Claire Legrand
amazon bargain ebooks Furyborn YA/Teen Horror Fantasy by Claire Legrand amazon bargain ebooks
When assassins ambush her best friend, Rielle Dardenne risks everything to save him, exposing herself as one of a pair of prophesied queens: a queen of light, and a queen of blood. To prove she is the Sun Queen, Rielle must endure seven elemental magic trials. If she fails, she will be executed…unless the trials kill her first.


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