Author for Monthly Giveaway

Thank you for your interest in our giveaway program.

The way it works:
We include your info as criteria for points in our giveaway. We can make following you on a Twitter a requirement, or visiting your Facebook page. In return, you provide a free paperback or hardcover copy of one of your books. The only cost for you to be involved in the program is the cost of the book you’re providing to one of the winners. 

What we would need from you:

  • Would need to know which book you’d like to give away, and the Amazon link to it
  • If you’d like us to build your Twitter following, provide your Twitter handle
  • If you would like us to direct people to your Facebook page, provide your FB page url

Giveaways will always end on the last day of the month. At that time, you have the option of:

  • emailing the winner directly to notify and make arrangements for sending their prize
  • or we can notify them on your behalf and provide their mailing address for you

We will only offer a maximum of 5 novels in the giveaway each month.

Each of the novels will be a different genre. i.e., we will not more than one romance in a giveaway.

We will provide a graphic to share on social media and we strongly encourage you to make daily posts about the giveaway through Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, email and any other space where you’re active. Every entrant into the giveaway is win for you, and every other author who uses our service, as winners must be subscribed to our mailing list in order to win.